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November 03 2010

Tim Minear's new show gets Fox premiere date. The Chicago Code (formerly Ride-Along) will air on February 7th.

Awesome. Terriers is, in my opinion, the best new show of the season. Really looking forward to The Chicago Code, despite its negligible network-television ancestry. :P
I saw the original pilot last May and it was awesome. Can't wait for this one.
Trailer looks great! Still getting used to the new title, but I think it does fit the premise of the show a lot better.

It premieres on my birthday! Happy birthday to me, indeed. :)
Does this mean Tim's not involved with Terriers anymore?
I wonder how many episodes Fox will air before they cancel it. 3 or 4?
Out of Objects, cynicism never helped anyone. I'm guessing three, though (;
Bluey said:
Does this mean Tim's not involved with Terriers anymore?
I'm going to hope he stays the showrunner on Terriers and is a "mere" executive producer on The Chicago Code. Heh.

Out of Objects said:
I wonder how many episodes Fox will air before they cancel it. 3 or 4?
But it's a cop show! With... the cops!

Which just means if it's any good, it's getting a four-episode second season with future undetermined. (See Homicide and Boomtown.)

Certainly have become a cynical lot.
Bluey, production on Terriers' season is done. I have no idea if Tim continues on with it if the series is renewed, but I can't imagine there's anything much to be doing on it right now.
But it's a cop show! With... the cops!

But so was The Inside :(

And Drive was a road race show. I had expected it to be exactly the action packed type of show that 'd be vastly popular (also I expected not to like it). Of course, I was wrong on both accounts.

Yet I still have a good feeling about this one (and someone as talented as Tim must catch a break every once in a while).
Finally cops get the TV exposure they've deserved for so long. Now if only doctors and lawyers were given a chance, i'd bet there's an audience for their exploits out there somewhere too.
I was just thinking FOX should branch out from the scripted golf drama arena, and now they finally have and I couldn't be more ecstatic. It's nice to see it progressing along anyway, even if the name will take a bit to get used to.
My other half will probably love this show. I, on the other hand, can't bring myself to stomach even one more cop show, no matter how well written.
This is completely unexpected for me. I had no idea he even had a show in the works, and that it's coming so soon... this is just about as good as a new Joss show for me these days. Tim may be my favorite TV writer (but only if we count Joss as a TV creator >_>).
I hadn't realized Tim was involved. Well, they're apparently reshooting some stuff for the pilot but at least 9 episodes have already been filmed. We ran across some of the reshoots while in Chicago last weekend (for the Sanity/Fear satellite rally) and were told that by a PA.

I'll probably at least watch the episode that Aldis Hodge is in.
Thanks for the answers The First Weevil and The One True b!X.

While cop shows have been done to death, I would watch this if it's allowed to air cos of Tim. Having said that, I haven't watched Terriers yet cos I'm waiting to see if it's renewed... (and, strangely, a PI show doesn't appeal as much as to me as a cop show).
Bluey, if you like Tim, watch Terriers. Don't wait, just watch. It's really really good.
I'm so not a fan of cop shows (TNT's Dark Blue is an exception), but I'll have to give this one a try. Especially since I don't get the channel that airs Terriers.

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