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November 03 2010

Life Unexpected fails to get full season pickup. Sad news for Emma Caufield, as it means the show is essentially cancelled.

I find this very sad as she had given the show some much needed spark this season.

Too bad, i like LUX. It's cute.
That's a shame. :( I really liked Life Unexpected.
I loved the addition of Emma Caulfield to the show. Shiri Appleby's character annoyed the hell out of me, and the teacher/student relationship that's being toyed with is kinda cliched and frustrating. I like the show, don't get me wrong. I was hoping to see how Emma's character developed with Baze. Bummer.
Considering the show that had a bit of a warm spark in the first season has completely dumbed itself down this season, I'm unsurprised by this. Too bad it sold its soul to the TV cliche. If it had stayed true to its original spirit, it would've been canceled anyway, but that way, it at least would've gone out with more dignity.
I left it this season, too. It was less intentional and more me not caring/forgetting, which is disappointing. For a show like this to work, you need a hugely likeable set of characters (a la, Gilmore Girls) and it missed that by just a bit, imo - and the drama was rather worn as well; I get that fix from Gossip Girl. I read an interview with the show creator a while back where she said she loves telling the same story and hammering in the same beats, I think that made me subconsciously sign off. Too bad.

That being said, I still semi think they could bring it back for another 12. Weirder things have happened.

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