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November 03 2010

The Avengers reportedly having money issues at Marvel. Since it's already doing the rounds across different websites.

Well Joss never really had big budgets and it always worked out...right?! RIGHT?!?
For the love of God, will someone just let Joss sit in a room and tell good stories?
Do people only bring Joss into movie projects that they then turn into fusterclucks?
I'm pretty sure that's what he's doing, mook. All this stuff is just noise - it means nothing when it comes to this magical thing I call 'going to the movies'. I've only posted this 'cos sites are already covering it as 'production may be halted', which is a bit of a leap.

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Last I checked Disney's pockets run pretty deep and are plenty used to expensive movies with overruns. "Pirates" anyone? Seems like a slow entertainment news day to me.
Thanks for the re-assurance, gossi -- I guess sometimes it's better not to know how the sausage is made huh, unless you like being in a perpetual state of anxiety, anguish and doom!
Eh. I've never really seen a superhero movie and thought: this is mediocre because they didn't spend enough money! i.e. the things that cost $$$ are the special effects, big action scenes and 'splosions, which to my mind are the secondary pleasures of superhero movies. So I'm not too worried.

For instance: my favorite superhero movie of the last few years was del Toro's Hellboy, and that was made for a tidy $66 million. While the latest Harry Potter movies are costing a quarter of a billion dollars each to make or some such, and I've given up watching them, they're all spectacle and uneven acting by the young stars. All my opinion, of course. I don't think the things I'm most anticipating from The Avengers -- the character moments, the dialogue, the interaction between the actors -- will be negatively affected if the budget isn't over $200 million, 'cos I'm pretty sure Joss can break my heart with a budget of a couple bucks and a few wooden puppets. (and I would love him for it anyway).
I've no idea what's going on, of course. I'm just speculating 'cos, erm, it's the internets.
I've got an idea on how to save money: fire Jeremy Renner and replace him with Nathan Fillion. I don't have anything against Renner other than the fact that he isn't Fillion.
While they're at it they can get rid of Chris Evans too. He might be ok, but he was still in Fantastic Four. Why do they want to remind people of that movie?
Actually, once I read the article this didn't sound too bad. Marvel wants to keep things on the cheap. They always want to keep things on the cheap. Joss has certainly done amazing things with no money. So I'm not too concerned about this. Joss will just have to fight a little harder to get some things, probably.
Considering they've already shot Captain America (which Joss had a hand in writing) with Chris Evans, EddieBuck..

And Nathan is cheaper than Renner?
Thinking lovely beautiful thoughts, thinking lovely beautiful thoughts... That's my mantra til the film comes out. :: Crosses Fingers -- Knocks on the finest Brazilian Cherry Wood there is ::
I actually thought the kids got much better as the Harry Potter movies progressed. That said, the movie adaptations still sort of bore me since they either hit the exact same beats of the book or when they actually do make a change it's not particularly novel or they happen to cut some of the special effect/action sequences I wanted someone else to visualize for me.

Anyway though, is this really a massive deal? Whedon seems pretty used to budgets getting cut and considering some of the spectacle he manages to get on his lower budget stuff I imagine he can still get the same gist across with a few million less than they'd have hoped.

As for the cast-- Renner is Academy Award nominated right? (or did he even win for the Hurt Locker?) I sort of just figured that'd be pricier than someone headlining a TV show (who isn't a film actor who jumped ship). And Chris Evans-- aside from looking surprisingly good in the part-- also seems to be an all round mensch (who was hilarious in Scott Pilgrim) so we can't really hold past credits against most people. Otherwise Whedon's Thor has that stigma of being part of the Aussie version of Dancing with the Stars or that one perennially rescheduled Cabin in the Woods movie I sometimes keep hearing about.

....On the other hand, seriously Marvel? Its properties just seem to constantly be hemorrhaging award-nominated actors. I know they have no control over Sony and Fox's decisions but Norton on top of Terrence Howard or throwing out all that Ang Lee Hulk cast/continuity from Universal seems to work against that premise of building up one cohesive universe.
Welcome to the world of high profile movie productions, where all the nitty-gritty details and snags inherent of the production process which plague virtually every project out there (but thankfully usually get ignored due to a general lack of interest) get picked up by people and obsessed over.

Enjoy the ride - it's gonna be a long one. ;)
Joss have done this before. Low budget -- always delivers. After everything he has created for us, I have a very strong trust in him to do what he's always done -- creating something vivaciously beautiful, and yet makes you think of the awesometacularity of Joss Whedon!
I'm with brinderwalt on this one.
I thought this had a budget of $300 million?
Yeah, well now it's maybe only a paltry $150 million and who can make a film for that right ? It's impossible !

Who is it that's walked off the project, anyone major ?

Other than that, I feel kind of over following every nuance of the production before it's even started, did it for 'Dollhouse' and to be honest, doesn't feel like I gained much from the experience. Pretty much going to tune this stuff out I reckon.

Also, Chris Evans is way, way down my list of "Things to worry about on Avengers". And he was great in Scott Pilgrim but then everyone was great in Scott Pilgrim cos Scott Pilgrim was great (the young woman who played Knives in particular was just amazing, in some scenes she captured the comic so perfectly it was uncanny).
I really hope this is just business as usual, because the U.S. economy is still struggling through economic recovery (yes, even in Hollywood).
Because otherwise, I'd have to start thinking in terms of maybe Joss needs a serious de-jinxing spell. (Just don't call Christine O'Donnell, she obviously has no idea what she's doing). ;_)
Disney have enough capital to make 12 Avengers films next year if they wanted. Which wouldn't be profitable. The money thing will happen for this.
By the time this actually hits the theaters, the two minute trailer that tells all will feel overlong and cribbed. But maybe Joss can get another project out of all this crap...

It could be something like "Noises Off." (Or if you prefer, "Noises Off.") Except you know, it would be about the behind the scenes shenanigans of making a high-profile box office movie. I think though in this case, it would be funny if it included in the cast an intermittent chorus to represent the potential audience. I would have them chiming in on whatever they think is going on based on the microscopic production snippets that can be seen through the peephole of leaks. (And not just any peephole either, the kind that makes everyone look like they are in an underwater funhouse.)

It could be called:

"While you were waiting..." or
"A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Movie..." or
"Commentary: Behind the Movie" or
"How Movies Work" or
"Advisors, Assemble!" or
"Hang 'Em High" (But that one's been taken, darn it.)
Joss is used to working on a tight budget and producing great results. I only worry because of Marvel's problems in the past with reducing budgets and replacing well-loved actors over money squabbles.
Jeremy Renner was nominated for "Hurt Locker," but didn't win. He was on "Angel" in "Somnambulist," so he's technically already a Whedonverse guy. He's an incredible actor (not just "Hurt Locker" but "Dahmer"), has a reputation as being a very good guy and seems like he'd be an asset to any production.
I lol'd at the tag for this entry which will also take you to an entry about Money starring Vincent Kartheiser.
I've taken up till now to reply because, well, I honestly don't know how much of this type of stuff I can take for this production. I want good news, and good news only!

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