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November 03 2010

Jed and Maurissa Whedon at wOOtstock 2.6. On October 27th in LA Jed and Maurissa performed one song from Doctor Horrible and one song from Dollhouse.

The sound and picture quality isn't great, but it is fun seeing them performing live onstage.

That was all kinds of awesome!
Thanks for posting it.
i was going to comment that it's tough to hold still for four hours... but instead i'll just say thanks for the props and linking my vids and agree that Jed and Maurissa (as well as the rest of the W00tstock cast) were fantastic. :)
Awesome. Still bummed my birthday trip down which would have coincided with this didn't happen.
I think it's adorable how Mo refers to Joss and Zack as "Our Brothers". Its gives me a warm fuzzy to see how important family is to them.
mr.mole1: I certainly didn't mean any insult (I was just warning potential viewers about the edgy/cool hand held camera effects), but in fact I wanted to link this because it is all kinds of wonderful that you made the video and put it up at youtube to share! You are totally awesome, and I was very excited to find the entire show all up online late last night when I should have been in bed. Thank you!
My two takeaways: (1) Talent truly is distributed inequitably, and (2) Jed, you are a lucky man indeed.
embers~ *group hug* sorry if i came off offended... i was at first, then i got what you meant and i wasn't trying to come off that way... really appreciate the posting and hope you've taken time to watch the whole show as w00tstock is one of my favorite things... and there is always awesomeness.
Where's the piano sheet music for Remains? I could play that. I want to play that.

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