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November 04 2010

Whedon's Dollhouse re-opens with Dark Horse. Jed and Maurissa chat to Newsrama about what to expect from the Dollhouse: Epitaphs comic books that are coming out in 2011.

I actually preferred the future timeline to the present-day one, so I can't wait to read these.
I like both equally. (ALTHOUGH APOCALYPSE FOR THE WIN!). Yes, equally.
It's still a little strange to me we already know the fate of one of the lead characters. (And barely got to know him in the first place.) Granted I guess we sort of know loosely about the fate of the other two too, it's just a little strange to me that he got such cover prominence despite how he wasn't exactly wholly recognizable.

I'm still fairly excited at the prospect of wrapping up some of the other characters though, particularly the show's hanging threads since we kind of got to know them better.
I so hope we get some Dominic in there.
I'm going to drop in the obligatory "Dominic!" from me. Heh.

That being said, I'm looking forward to the series. Dollhouse in comic form is better than no Dollhouse at all.

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