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December 15 2003

TV Guide Reports SMG Nixes Appearance on Angel This Year

Good. Get Alyson instead.
I think having her next year would feel more right.
Yeah, real funny when you realize there's a very good chance there won't be a next year. Which she well knows I might add.... David showed up for *her* final eps as I recall, but, no. Can't return the favor. Or rather, 'won't'. Nice.

Then again, all Buffy would probably do is give Spike some more puzzling and unidentifiable emotional looks, and Angel some more vague, cryptic non-committal promises of 'maybe' before dashing off again.
Or perhaps she'd pull a Riley and walk in with a european husband, while happily exclaiming "Good news, guys! I'm cookies now!";-)

I'm with prolific, let's get Willow!!
I'll third that, who needs her mucking things up. Instead she is going to make a horror film that sounds like a pale imitation of The Ring? It's too bad she is surrounded by handlers who are going to destroy her career.
Hold on...are you guys against SMG coming back, or the Buffy character? Because one of those is incredibly petty.
Angel has the nice lead-in of Smallville, has been picked up for a full season, has held its own in the ratings against the West Wing, The O.C. and even the Bachelor at times, and you think that this will be its last year? I am glad I don't share your pessimism.

I believe this show will share the same fate as Buffy, in that it will end when the cast and the creators decide that it is time to go. Careful, with all the complaining about the show and its characters, we might get confused with TWoP.
Darn I was hoping for a Buffy appearance this season (it would made sense for her to see how Spike was and what exactly Angel was doing running an evil law firm). There's going to be a lot of Buffy fans who will be disappointed.

Ah well hopefully we'll see SMG next season.
I'm not against SMG coming back. But if she doesn't want to, fine. They can use the money on people who might enjoy an appearance. (I find the character Buffy's story the least interesting of all, so it doesn't matter to me if she returns or not.)
I say they go for Anne back she became a much better developed character on Angel since her appearances on BTVS. Plus bonus - she has a seperate connection to almost every male cast member, she knows Gunn and Wesly, seperately she has met Angel, Lindsey, and also Spike and I think she would be a far more interesting storyline than Buffy showing up.

Also love the Aly idea as well.
While I would like to see Buffy again, I feel the story must demand it, her role in the episode would obviously be to shake things up between Spike and Angel, at the moment she isnt needed, the shanshu thing's going to have those to at each other for some time, but eventually I think the two will get a much better relationship, that's when we need Buffy to swoop in and set them off against each other again.
I would also rather see Willow, and hope we do see her this year in her one episode last year she seemed to fit so well into the cast, she worked perfectly in the show, and I feel she would make for a good recurring character (I'd like her to be a regular but probably not going to happen). But she's got to be the easiest guest star to get, Joss has just got to get Alexis Denisof to go home and beg.
Hey!Free Willy died.
I like SMG a lot. I think she's one of the most attractive women on the planet. I just think she's making a huge mistake by not doing Mutant Enemy this favor, it makes it look like either she's now too big for ME or that ME's fortunes have sunk too low for them to have the clout to lure her back. In Hollywood appearance is everything and SMG's belittling of her Buffy past could cost ME future opportunities. I watched my Firefly box set this weekend and I almost cried when I saw the interviews on disk four and Tim and Joss talked about how Firefly got screwed over and then cancelled by imbecilic studio execs. What SMG has done is weakened the hand of ME. How can I feel good about that.
She did the show for seven years. If she wants some time away, for whatever reasons, I see nothing wrong with that. She doesn't want to be identified only with Buffy for the rest of her career -- she's still a young person.

I also don't agree with the contention that this is similar to what Boreanaz did in the Buffy finale. Buffy was ENDING, forever. Angel is doing as good as it ever has, and is just looking for a sweeps stunt. I think that is a big difference. Please, people, this doesn't spell the end of Angel and ME -- get a grip, and have some faith in what is a well-reviewed show that has a loyal following.
I'm with RavenU ... bring back Anne.
"Please, people, this doesn't spell the end of Angel and ME -- get a grip, and have some faith in what is a well-reviewed show that has a loyal following. "

Amen, brother!

And really, what exactly what Buffy have to if she mosied on over to LA. You can't just say "They need a Slayer" because there are plenty of other Slayers to "beep" if the apocalypse comes...again
Well, assuming that there was a possible story line for Anne to return, how could it happen?

If only there was a way to tell Joss and the writers, themselves. *sigh*

As for Buffy not returning, I'm not against it either. Cramming too many things into one season is going to turn off and confuse the new viewers which is not a good thing. I think they're fine as they are now.
I'm only an Angel fan, never watched Buffy and I'm happy if SMG doesn't make a guest appearance this season. They have enough Buffy characters on the show as it is. After all, JW wants to keep things simple this season so that everyone can watch the show. No need to complicate things and further confuse poor Angel fans like myself :)
I'm only an Angel fan, never watched Buffy...

It always blows my mind when I hear that. Just bizarre.
There has to be a very good plot reason for Buffy to appear on Angel. I'm not saying that there isn't one in the drawing board now (I don't know that) but it would look like an awfully cheap ratings stunt if they brought her back without the storyline *truly* calling for it.

Besides, I think SMG needs to do something outside of Jossverse for now. Maybe next season will be different...yes, I'm being optomistic about a 6th. :)
Why ringworm? I only watched the last 5 first-run episodes of Buffy, I started watching Angel mid-season 3(starting with Waiting in the Wings) and I have since gotten all the Joss Whedon DVD's(for the uninformed 5 seasons of Buffy, 2 of Angel, and Firefly(which I also missed in first run, but i'm so pissed I did)). Here's a debate starter, After it's all said and done, which show will be considered the all around better show, Buffy or Angel(just for the record my vote is Angel)?
Both are very good shows, but I think Buffy will go down in TV history as the better show, it was the first, it was the original, whatever spin-offs that shoot off from it, while they might actually be better, as Angel very often is, Buffy started it. That said, and slightly off topic, I'll always think of Frasier as being better than Cheers, I can't stand Cheers.
Well Christopher since you ask "Well, assuming that there was a possible story line for Anne to return, how could it happen?"

In my humble oppinion Anne story arc could fit well in this season. With Angel feeling he's not helping - Lorne could offer up that they to a charity function to raise money or awareness for some cause. Lorne searches the WH records and finds Anne's Shelter and contacts her about another fund raiser for her shelter and that this time it will be different cause WH is under new management. She reluctantly agrees under one conditition she meets with the new management first. When she comes to the office she finds that Angel is incharge, she flat out refuses their offer to help but Angel sees this as a way to get his calling back by helping Anne, who still recalls their last time working together and is suspious. While at WH she also is surprised to find Gunn and Wesley there and that they work for Angel, noting the changes in both men since she last seen then and she questions if their changes were for the good.Later she runs into Lindsey who tries to convince her that Angel is just trying to use her like he did before and he is the one that will prove it to her. Anne becomes torn over who is out to use her more, when she runs into the one person who sends her universe reeling - Spike. He doesn't remember her but she will never forget him.....

That's just short piece of the kind of storyline I would envision if they brought Anne back for a few episodes. :)
I still don't understand why Angel and Anne didn't recognize each other. He did insult her after all. Maybe everytime she changes her name (exotic mushroom!) she blocks out most of that period of her life.

I think she would be an interesting character to bring on the show. I love any character who you just know has a mysterious backstory and is just ready for the writers to develop the character.

Along those lines, there is another character I want to see again...Amy the ex-rat! There would be so much the writers could do with her character. And I want Angel to have a witch on the show. I want to see more magic flying around! I miss that.

And oh yes, Bring in Willow! Fred needs to figure out that she's gay. Frillow all the way! Hehe.
Geez Fred really needs more (human) female co-workers. First she liked Angel, Wes and Gunn wanted her, Willow flirted with her, then Knox...

Then Spike comes along and excites all the "Spred" shippers...And now Frillow?! LOL

Joss, c'mon, man. Give poor Fred some backup!
I don't think Anne would recognize Angel, from her Chantrelle days or visa versa cause their meeting (even if he was insulting) was once and brief and even though memorable to us the characters had moved on from that point. However, he might have seemed familiar to her but put him into relation with Spike and I think she would recall the even. Plus I always saw Anne as someone who tried to hide from or forget her past. She was trying to find herself by becoming someone else and in essance by becoming Anne she adopted some of Buffy to make herself stronger and it seemed to have stuck by the time Angel had met her she was not the meek follower she had been - she was strong and confident and knew how to lead people and tried to help people.
I've been a big fan of Frillow since "Orpheus." Willow and Fred have great chemistry, forget about Kennedy! Everyone is allowed an ordinary rebound every once in a while...but there's some magic there just ready to be unleashed!
Gellar has not done voices for the two video games, wouldn't voice the proposed animated series, won't show up at any conventions ... this is shocking news? I fully expect "Buffy who?" from her in about five years.

I'd personally rather see a one episode shot from Xander at some point, with the full-on comedy the more Xander-centric episodes had.
And you know that Frillow combination would send Wesley over many an edge. :)
Hahaha! Frillowesley!
I'm not surprised at this news at all. She's got the Scooby movie coming out, the love story one that I can't remember the name of and now this new movie. I'm sure she'll be quite busy with promoting and acting in those films. Don't quite get the antagonism against her from the earlier posts. The girl has a life, just let her live it. She's an actor, she's getting film offers so let's just be happy for her. This isn't unusual. ME has wanted other former actors in the past and it was always about what their schedules were. That's including Seth Green and Eliza Dushka. Also when Buffy ended there was a lot of talk about her guesting on the show but it most likely wouldn't be this current season.

As for whether or not this is a Ring rip off, well the Ring was a remake of the Japanese film Ringu, which I've seen, which was a more intelligent film than the American version and this movie that SMG is going to be in is going to be produced and directed by the Japanese creators which indicates that it will more follow the original movies feel. I'm hoping it's not just your typical American horror movie.

And yes, I'd love to see Buffy guest on Angel but I think the plot and storylines going on right now don't need her to be there to suceed.

And my vote for which show is better overall, well I think Buffy was better than Angel, but really can't judge until Angel is finished. But if Firefly had had it's chance, I feel it had the potential of being better than Buffy. Buffy's stories have always hit home with me and really made me think where Angel has always seemed to be Buffy's spinoff, very good, but not as good as the original. And the thought of Firefly not having a chance to tell its story just makes me want to cry.
I don't like SMG's it was just a job attitude to BTVS, and I agree with Ocular about her "Buffy who?" comment in about 5 years. She should be hugely thankful for what this show has done for her, ie. made her a celebrity,if it wasnt for that she'd just have a stint in a soap opera and a rather amusing story about having to wear a disguise to eat in a burger joint as a kid by her name.
She never did any Buffy related stuff outside the show, no DVD features, apart from that hour long documentry about Buffy thats on the R2 season 6 box, no voices in the game, no involvement in a proposed cartoon, no conventions. Though she said she'll return to Angel, it will surprise me, and if in the future Joss decides to make a Buffy movie, she'll be the major obstacle. She probably doesn't want to be typecast as Buffy, problem is she already is, she should accept it.
RavenU, I think you should email Mutant Enemy with your idea! It was excellent..
"Gellar has not done voices for the two video games, wouldn't voice the proposed animated series, won't show up at any conventions ... this is shocking news? I fully expect "Buffy who?" from her in about five years."

Yeah I wish I could disagree with that, but that's the vibe I'm getting too...

A few points I'd like to add to my previous post:

-SMG is free to do what she wants. But she's not saying she doesn't have the time or the place in her schedule. That I was actually expecting and would understand better. She said the time wasn't RIGHT. Which is 'won't' instead of 'can't'.

-I don't think I would like her much as a person in real life, but then what do I know. Plus, I'll likely never meet her and anyway, what I really care about is the show's characters. Plus IF I met her in real life it's possible I'd still be standing there stuttering and asking for an autograph. 'She's still Buffy' a voice in my head will say. But I do feel she's a little full of herself sometimes.

-I would like to see Buffy guesting on Angel but mainly because of what it would do to Angel and Spike. That and some nostalgia and curiosity. Then again it's been refreshing to see both characters (Angel at the beginning of his show and Spike since 5 started) be about more than just pining over Buffy so maybe it's for the best, since her guest ep could conceivably return both characters to that.

-My accepting the possibility of Angel not getting a S6 is not me 'not getting a grip', alright? It is possible, which is all I'm saying. I'm certainly not hoping it and hope the show has several more seasons to come. Right now I'd have to say it's chances are 50-50. I could be wrong and hope I am.
The good: It's been doing pretty good in the ratings and more importantly, consistent. Even the OC starting didn't really change Angel's numbers, and in today's crash-and-burn times for most new shows, that's pretty good.
The bad: It was on the bubble last time, numbers are good but still not stellar and it's no secret the suits are dissappointed with the show not keeping more Smallville viewers.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. But S5 COULD be the last. That is simply possible and I find the notion that just saying that could 'cause' it somehow rather ludicrous.
For all Sarah knows this could be the last one which would make her appearing in this season's finale be exactly like David showing up in Buffy S7. And she won't.

Bring on Willow or prolific said, at least they would enjoy it.
Wow that post was huge. Sorry about that...
Sorry, Ed, "For all Sarah knows this could be the last one..." is a WORLD of difference from deciding that this season will be the last and the final episodes will be a coda for the entire show. You yourself said you thought the chances were 50-50. To me that's, um, more than 40 percent or more away from what happened last year with Buffy's final season. To say that just because something is "simply possible" does not nor should it engender panic in us or in SMG if she wants to repay the favor to Boreanaz.

Yes, the suits are disappointed, because they want another Smallville/Dawson's Creek/Seventh Heaven/Everwood-sized hit, but they don't have much of a choice -- practically none of their new shows did well this year, unless you cound One Tree Hill (pregnant pause holding in laugh) so they NEED Angel right now.
So Sarah, will the right time be after they cancel AtS? Nice!

And EdDantes, I know that you are right!

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