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November 04 2010

(SPOILER) Buffy #40 pushed back two weeks? The 'Upcoming' page on Dark Horse's Website shows it as a January 19th release, not coinciding with the usual release dates (first Wednesday a month) and the date given on the Season 8 Wikipedia page. Spoilers for the cover art.

I added a spoiler tag as some people don't want to spoiled for the cover art. I can wait an extra two weeks, thankfully Buffy Season 8 never turned into Astonishing X-Men in terms of delays.
And impressively. I'm glad Joss has escaped the "constant never-ending delays" thing he was starting to get known for, even when they weren't his fault.
So Buffy #40 is coming out right at Buffy's 40th birthday?

Seems appropriate to me.
she'll be forty in 2021. I really don't want to wait that long ;)
Doh! 30th birthday. I should get more sleep.

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Yeah, the fact that it's her birthday is really kind of awesome. Don't mind waiting for that :)
Now, there's a delay I don't mind waiting for. Buffy's birthday. Although... that makes me very worried about #40 now.
I'm not sure that Buffy's birthday is the reason. Scott had mentioned back at NYCC that Joss wasn't done with the script for #40 yet so it's entirely possible that the delay is due to that.
I came to comment because Jan 19th is also my b-day. Forgot I shared a birthday with Buffy.
Oh, that whole birthday thing totally slipped my mind despite how there have been multiple birthday episodes. I just remember hearing int he first season it took them awhile to hammer it down.

According to IMDB at least "Buffy's birthday was celebrated in the episode first aired on or near 19 January each year. In the first-year episode "I Robot, You Jane", Malcolm brings up Buffy's school records on his computer. In the first view, we see that Buffy was born on 24 October 1980, and that she is a sophomore. The second time we see Buffy's records, her birthday is 6 May 1979, and she is a senior. Joss Whedon finally decreed Buffy's birthday to be 19 January 1981."

And I have so much trouble parsing the coincidence of note regarding their female blonde vampires. (Wait I just got it. They could have hammered that in a bit more.)

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I just heard Buffy's birthday is the reason, though. So it seems that in working with delays in scripting, the release date was chosen because it's Buffy's birthday.

First time a Buffy Season 8 issue comes out on a Friday.

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Um, January 19 will be on a Wednesday.
Whoops. Looked it up wrong on my computer calendar. :)
Yeah comics are kind of required to come out only on Wednesdays because they're all pretty much distributed by Diamond.
I can't wait to read this to see who the betrayer is, i'm thinking it could be Willow or maybe even Buffy herself. ( I know it probably won't be Buffy, but i've learned that with Joss you should never say never)
If Buffy's birthday is the reason, then it really is very worrying. But also neat.

Btw, what birthday is this for her? In the comics timeline I mean, not real years... 25th?
It mucks up my plan to give the last two storylines as a Christmas present, but oh well.
Well, this issue wasn't going to be out until January regardless, so it would've already been a late Christmas present before this more recent delay.
Sometime next year I think new deliveries are coming out on a Tuesday.
Best birthday present ever. I mean, mine is the 17th... but that's close enough to count, right? :D

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