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November 04 2010

(SPOILER) Tonight on US network tv - a Whedonverse guest star extravaganza. Eliza Dushku is on 'The Big Bang Theory' at 8pm EST on CBS, Amber Benson guests on 'Grey's Anatomy' at 9pm EST on ABC followed by Nick Brendon appearing on 'Private Practice' at 10.01 pm EST.

...and Dichen Lachman is on Hawaii Five-O on Monday on CBS. And Amy Acker is on No Ordinary Family on ABC November 16.

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And Hilary Duff is on Community tonight. Not that has to do with anything, but hey, Community rocks.
Yay, Community! Vampire Diaries is also excellent stuff, which I would be able to connect to the 'verse, except Mr. Chambliss' episode doesn't air till next week.
Jaymii, Elzabeth Craft and Sarah Fain (Angel, Dollhouse) are consulting producers on The Vampire Diaries this year so that is an easy tie to the 'verse. :)
It was nice seeing Eliza again but the part didn't utilize her talents at all. They could have gotten any actress to play the part, really. She didn't even have any funny lines.
Is The Vampire Diaries really any good? I don't care about vampires so much - I came to Buffy for the story and characters, vampires/demons/etc were just set dressing for me - kind of how magic is a huge part of Harry Potter, but that's not really why people read it. TVD just seems like it's trying to cash-in on Twilight's popularity which in my mind doesn't deserve any of the hype it's accrued so I can't help feeling TVD falls into the same boat. That being said, I haven't seen any of it.
Matt7325, that was my initial reaction to Vampire Diaries. Then I watched it. Will not miss an episode now. Ever. I hate all things Twilight. Hope that answers your questions. Not gonna try to sell you.
So how was Nick's role in Private Practice?
I'm watching it now, Simon. It's Nick playing crazy. Not really notable. Feel like we've seen it before. The rest of the cast is pretty amazing. Makes him look amateur in comparison.
Nick was great. Ranged from quiet and touching to all out evil.
I also love The Vampire Diaries and despise Twilight. The Vampire Diaries did come about during the Twilight fervour, but The Vampire Diaries the book series was written before Twilight. I have not read TVD books but I've done my googling homework. TVD also has some pretty great female characters. Elena is hit or miss but I've really been enjoying Caroline.

Nick Brendon's performance on Private Practice was meh. I kind of saw his performance as a really cracked-out Dracula loving Xander.
That's odd, because I actually thought it was his best performance to date.
luv4whedon, the TVD books could have beeing written before, but the Tv show has almost nothig to with it's printed origin. The mithology, plot, sex, age even little details of characters were changed on the tv. What was a good thing, since the books were very bad IMHO.
Yeah, I've heard the they have changed it up a lot from the books, haven't read them, of course. I adore the show, though. The beginning few are pretty bad, but there's a sneaking bit of quality to them (a bit like Buffy, I suppose), though I think the reason I, and maybe others, see the first few episodes as bad is because of the fact it really does "feel" like a Twilight film. Anyway, yeah, anything goes in TVD's world and the writing gets pretty great towards the end of the first season and now in its second we're getting treated to some wonderful performances by all (not just Damon anymore) of the cast. For my money, its the best show on air right now.

(slightly unintentional, but I guess I did try to sell it to you. :p)
Ya, the first few episodes were heavy on the romance and that turned me off for awhile. But, on one of my lazy weekends I caught up on all the episodes and now I'm hooked. The intro still bugs me, the whole, "I know the risks but I have to know her" thing is pretty nauseating.
Let me give a "meh" counterpoint to all the Vampire Diaries love.

I watched about three quarters of the first season of TVD, based on recommendations here, and then caught a couple of this season's eps, which gave me the plot twists I hadn't seen. The story elements go into overdrive, so plotwise you're always rocketing forward - a plus, since as a viewer you're seldom ahead of the curve.

But, for me, it's missing about seven or eight of the levels that made Buffy great, from dialog to psychological complexity, and having never been given a reason to give a damn about the central love triangle, or any of the other characters except maybe Caroline, I've lost interest.
@Emelye, I agree with you, I thought Nick's performance last night was his best so far. Especially when he flipped a switch and went all evil at the end. Overall it was a really good episode.
Which, presumably, quite a few people no longer need to watch *cough* spoilers *cough* (not technically maybe but y'know...).

Eliza was slightly wasted, very straightforward role but she's keeping her face out there, getting paid and so on. S'all good.

(i'm hoping for a bit more from Summer's guest spot on 'Chuck' though - the promo photos are encouraging but so far the Gretas haven't really done much of significance in the episodes)
How was Amber btw? Anyone get a chance to see her?
@Saje - have we even had any Gretas lately? It seemed like it was going to be a much more often reoccuring thing than it was. That being said, the less time being spent in Buy More (and the less time being wasted on Jeffster), the better.
None since Stacy Kiebler I think. Mainly I suppose because they've deemphasised the CIA "employees" at the Buy More after they brought most of the old nerds back (and yep, my initial impression was there'd basically be a Greta every week, cast from a pool of geek friendly guest stars but that hasn't been the case).

(and I loved Jeffster when they first appeared - I mean the band BTW, not just Jeff and Lester - but they're maybe being slightly overused - Jeff and Lester I mean, not just the band ;)

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