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November 05 2010

(SPOILER) Revealed in full - Jo Chen's cover art for Buffy #39. A censored version was released at the end of September, the full version was seen on the back page of this week's release of Buffy #38. Scott Allie explains to Buffyfest why the cover was censored.

Hmmm. Interesting. And very well-drawn. Not a perfect likeness of the actors but then, it doesn't really need to be.
Was anyone else expecting to see Willow?
I did wonder about Giles.
That cover is so gorgeous. (Although I'm having a hard time imagining how Buffy's stance could be any more awkward. Then again, I suppose the ability to defy gravity would tend to counteract what would otherwise be a complete lack of balance, making all kinds of wacky new fight maneuvers possible.) I particularly love that Angel looks like he did in the early Buffy seasons. Just because the actor aged past 26 doesn't mean the character needs to be drawn like he did.
Hm, that body is slim like Spike's, 's wearing a t-shirt like Spike, looks more like cooperation and Buffy jumping to hit something else.

Does that face remind you of somebody because to me is indescribable
As someone on io9 commented, I'm not so sure why this was shrouded in such secrecy. is this really that big of a spoiler??
No. Not now. Marketing ftw.
Pretty!!! I'm glad it's not Willow though!
No. Not now. Marketing ftw.

True. As someone that works in pr, I can say they've milked a lot out of a little lately!
It kind of looks like Buffy's leg is melding into Angel's arm.
That is the worst representation of Dawn I have ever seen. She looks like a man!
Buffy is depicted wearing the same clothes as in her vision in issue #10 Anywhere But Here where she was shown lying on the ground badly beaten and crying with a broken Seed in the background.

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jettamesis interesing observation! Thanks for pointing that out.

Also, the commenters on io9 are kind of ignorant about the comics lately, and saying some rude stuff. It's annoying. If you're going to be snarky, at least know what you are talking about!
The poses are a little hard to grasp, but it looks like Angel is blocking a Chuck-Norris-style spinning kick from Buffy by hooking her foot with his elbow.

Great way to not make it look like either one is winning. I can't express how much I love this cover. I think my favorite Chen is still the Twilight TPB, but this runs a close second...uh, ties a close second with #34...oh man I love Chen.

Here's another observation. Her clothes are also the same as in her dream with Caleb, Angel and Spike in Always Darkest, which was also drawn by Jo Chen and written by Joss Whedon, except in Always Darkest, she doesn't have that little bow on her shirt which is present in this cover for #39 and in Anywhere But Here. Jo Chen may have missed that tiny detail when she drew Always Darkest.
Hrm, so I can't really tell, is this like the big Buffy betrayal then or does it just make for the most interesting cover?

Or is she going to be like the super-powered version of an Agatha Christie novel/one of the endings of Clue where everyone gets a stab?

Since throughout all of the issue that just came out and is a prelude to this cover, they still did quite a bit of set up about which of Buffy's friends would end up hurting her like the solicits say. (That said, I really didn't get what was going on with her long heart to heart with Giles as charming as it was.)
Another beautiful cover by Chen.

I do enjoy this Buffy/Angel interaction much more than the space frakking. So I'm giving this two thumbs up.
Somehow I don't find Angel being Buffy's betrayer as compelling as the others, which probably means this is a misdirection. Or maybe not. Who knows. We shall see.
I hope she kills him finally, once and for all! I'm in the Xander camp.
I guess I'm so used to comic covers having nothing to do with the interior or story that I wouldn't even think this was a spoiler unless they called it such.
quantumac-I agree. That wouldn't be surprising at all. Xander betraying her, on the other hand, would be. Hmmm.
I don't think it's a misdirect. We already know from the end of 38 that Buffy's going to be spending a significant portion of 39 fighting Angel, no matter what else happens or who is going to turn out to be the "closest and most unexpected" traitor. The cover of one issue isn't supposed to spoil its own contents, just the contents of preceding issues. Which is why we didn't get this cover until we knew the end of 38. Much like we didn't get the full 37 cover with the Master until we knew the end of 36. Or the 36 cover with Spike until we knew the end of 35. Et cetera, et cetera.
Another lovely cover. Makes me nervous just thinking about another showdown between these two characters. Last time it happened it nearly ripped my heart out. I still can't listen to the song "Full of Grace" without crying.
Won't be long now.
Anyone else wondering what the TPB cover is gonna look like? I keep remembering that we haven't seen that yet, despite (especially now) having all the covers.
I cannot WAIT to see the last TPB.
Are the TPB covers always new artwork?
Yes, and so far, they've all been by Jo Chen.
She does some of the most gorgeous artwork I've ever seen.
*sigh* I know. I've got my fingers crossed that she'll stay on for season nine.
OK, i'm going to sound pretty stupid here... but what is TPB? I can tell this is going to be really obvious and i'm going to look pretty dumb, but i'm curious, heh.

EDIT: Just clicked, trade paperback. Ignore me. ;)

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