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November 05 2010

Chiller network airs Buffy marathon this weekend. Starting on Sunday at 6 a.m. ET, the horror channel will be airing Season 1 in its entirety...

and on Monday, Nov. 8 Chiller will begin airing the series in its regular time-slot.

Only season 1? If the marathon is all weekend long surely they'll show more than 12 episodes?

Is Logo going to stop showing Buffy?

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Well, I really don't like Season 1, so I won't be watching that, but it's great to see BTVS on a new channel! Hopefully it ill get better treatment here than Logo. But are they really only airing Season 1? Shouldn't it be more than that if it's a marathon?
There is also a really fun list of top moments from season one included in that post, so I recommend clicking on the link. It's more than just a notification of the marathon. One of my favorites: "If the apocalypse comes, beep me."
According to my cable guide the marathon starts tomorrow (Sunday) at 6 am...
I like the ad Chiller has for Buffy on their channel. And yeah it doesn't start til tomorrow.

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