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November 05 2010

Trailer for new film by Mark Sheppard. It's an adaptation of Jules Verne's 'Mysterious Island', which was directed by and features our very own Badger.

Much as it struck me as a very Sci-Fi Channel type TV movie project - yes, I'm aware of the asinine rebranding of the network to SyFy - I would still be up to soaking up some classic Verne magic by watching this.

Gotta wonder there gonna be calls of nepotism concerning the fact that Captain Nemo is portrayed by W. Morgan Sheppard, who is Mark's father? I personally know that the elder Mr. Sheppard has the chops to own the role, but...time will tell. Could be completely worrying over nothing ;)
Care to elaborate on that healthy negative, cabri? I have to presume you're expressing your disagreement with my thoughts, which is fantastic! Healthy debate is something I enjoy ;D
Considering how many people I'd expect to be likely to make the father-son connection, much less care a whit about it, I'm inclined to second cabri's notably terse response.
Most likely you're right, brinderwalt. Random musings are my forte, I guess.
Since W. Morgan Sheppard has a massive, decades-long resume and seems like an excellent choice for the role, I think the only reaction of people who make the connection will be, "Oh, cool!" Nobody cares when Christopher Cain casts his stepson Dean Cain in roles, everybody was happy when Maurissa Tancharoen turned up on camera in "Dollhouse," people expect Tim Burton to cast wife Helena Bonham Carter, etc. Although I would imagine the connection made casting negotiations easier :)
I don't know anything about the background of this particular movie, but possibly one of the reasons Mark decided to take the role/direction was in order to work with his father. That's purely a guess. I never consider relatives acting together or for one another on a movie/TV show/stage to be nepotism unless one of them is a rank amateur, not at all the case with the Sheppards. Usually family ensembles, with their ease in relating with each other on screen, elevate the movie rather than ruin it.
Much as it might seem otherwise, I agree with your assessment, cabri. I think that both Mark and William/Morgan (not sure what name the elder Mr. Sheppard seems to prefer) working together is amazing but I guess it's telling that one of my first thoughts is "how many trolls or uneducated twits are gonna take potshots at the two of them working together?"

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