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November 06 2010

(SPOILER) Five page preview of Spike #2. Brought to you by Buffyfest.

This looks really excellent, but as a grammar Nazi, I am very happy to note that these preview pages are not final images. Four typos I counted? Yes, four.

Pyrokinetic girl is very very awesome, and holy crap, could Betta George's lines *get* any more hilarious?

"For instance, fairly certain neither gang members nor cats burst into song, no matter how stressed they are." "It's like Hot Topic meets Temple of Doom." "Something smaller? Hellnostril? Hell-lobe? Oh, Spike, are we in a Hellbutt?"

Preview looks good.

Beck's comments about a terrible pro vampire reality show immediately made me think of Harmony's reality show introduced in Buffy Season 8 #21.But this is taking place before that,isn't it?This is taking place before season 8 and Angel becoming Twilight.
Not just Beck's comment. The whole idea of an anti-slayer show in Vegas is pre #21, which is what launched the media campaign against slayers. If this were canon, it'd make a hash of Spike *learning* about the anti-slayer program after he gets back from the alternate dimension in #36 in the space ship that he's going to get after seeing this show in Vegas.
Looks good. Franco Urru is just wonderful.

However, 'frightfully cooler' is teeth-grittingly awful. Like 'bleedin' git' in the latest Buffy comic, and all those cringe-making mistakes with the dialogue and setting in Brian K Vaughan's Faith arc set in the UK.

Doesn't anyone writing these comics ever think of asking a British person whether they've got it right when they write dialogue for British characters?

If either IDW or Dark Horse want a Brit beta reader, I'm happy to volunteer.
Love the little boy's "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" t-shirt.
Really enjoyed this. I do love George and Beck, and Spike of course.
I love this. Spike/Lynch/Urru is like a breath of fresh air after months of terrible Angel comics and the heightened intensity of Buffy lately.

I'm a little lost on the timeline now though.
Very happy to have Lynch in our Universe again and can't wait to see what he does with this and how it ties in with Buffy season 8.

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