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December 15 2003

Buried Treasure. Tony Head speaks to the Daily Telegraph and reveals why his name is a problem.

Wow. Tony's older brother Murray Head is responsible for 'One Night in Bangkok?' I love that song!

*adds to collection of useless Buffy trivia.*
Well, he performed it, anyway. It's from the musical Chess; I think he was on the original cast recording. The music is actually by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus (formerly of ABBA), and lyrics by Tim Rice (of numerous Lloyd Webber musicals, among others).
I think I have a really crummy mp3 somewhere of Tony singing One Night in Bangkok. He played the part some time after his brother did.
Murray Head sang the part of Judas on the original cast recording of Jesus Christ Superstar.
I actually found a 45 of Murray Head's One Night in Bangkok. It is now of course sitting amongst my U2 collection. Gotta keep all the important records together and all ;)
Ok, now I'm curious. Anyone know the name of that other "American" show that Anthony turned down???

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