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November 06 2010

Girls are asking Joel Grey to show them his tail because of BtVS. The Paley Center has a very short clip from their interview with Joel Grey in which he is asked about his work on BtVS.

It begins with him talking about his star making role in Caberet and ends with him doing a rendition of the title song. The Buffy part is in the middle. In the full interview that was shown Friday, there was a nice clip of Grey throwing Spike around and pinning Xander to the wall with his tongue. Later this week it should be up in full at

I kinda hate how the host laughed when asking "Did you watch Buffy the vampire slayer?". Seriously?

But, apart from that, really enjoyed this. This man is a legend. And now I need to meet him one day and ask him to show me his tail too. That and ask if he can sing a bit of "Wonderful" from Wicked, cause I think his way of signing it is just adorable. "Wonderful, they call me wonderful!".
I noticed the way she asked him about watching Buffy too. It was the arched "A LOT?" that did not come off well. I thought he was great, though. His performances always make me smile in admiration.

Oh, and thanks for pointing me to his rendition of Wonderful, maxsummers. I just watched it on youtube, such a great performer.
There are always going to be folks who make assumptions and are happy to be snug and isolated in those assumptions. If, on the other hand, she's familiar with the show and STILL has that response -- there's no accounting for taste. :)
I'll always remember him as Chiun from the movie Remo Williams.

Remo Williams: You know, Chiun, youre a real pain in the ass.
Chiun: That is because it is the fastest way to your brain.

Her reaction particularly bothered me because the Paley Center has done Buffy focus panels.

Love Joel Grey. Feel like pulling down my Dad's tape of Yeomen of the Guard.
Seriously, considering the Paley is supposed to be informed about television that woman really made herself look ignorant, and shall I say...uncool.

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Yes. To make it worse she is, Pat Mitchell, President & CEO, The Paley Center for Media. She really should know better. She has been CEO since 2006 apparently. I hope this does not indicate a lessening of respect that Buffy will get from the Paley Center in the future...

There is a tape of Joel Grey in Yeoman of the guard?!? I would love to see that. It seems like great casting.
A fairly upsetting title line...
"A fairly upsetting title line..."

We aim to please. ;-)

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