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November 07 2010

The Han Solo vs Malcolm Reynolds debate (with a very special guest). A certain someone decides to add his opinion on who was the better captain (the fun starts at 24:10 of the podcast, tons of swearing throughout). SFX has a write-up of the Hal-Con debate.

Very enjoyable!

Too bad the geeks forgot Malcolm flying through Reaver territory in fine smuggler fashion! Perhaps that doesn't count as smuggling, but he did have the Tams on board and it was a little more impressive than hiding them outside the ship.

Go geeks!
This page crashed Chrome repeatedly for me. Seems to work in Firefox though.
Works fine in Chrome for me. Hilarity!
I think the geeks were carrying the day even before their ringer arrived, funny stuff.

(as an aside BTW, it's odd to me to hear "dodgy" in a Canadian accent, is that standard slang in Canadia ?)

ETR an errant 'd'. Had to go, it was its time.

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Thoroughly enjoyable, especially when the mystery guest admitted laughingly that Serenity sure wasn't the Millennium Falcon.
That was fun.

They mentioned going through reaver space at some point in the whole thing, though I don't remember where.
That made me so incredibly home sick. I miss you Halifax.
I was completely there! The audience selecting Mal as the winner was outstanding. The whining from the Han supporters the next day was amusing! Also, the Nathan Fillion signed poster was the top earner at the auction the following day.

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