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November 07 2010

Joss Whedon is cursed. A theory why Joss' projects always in danger of cancellation.

It's always gypsies with this guy, isn't it?
Well, this must be true... it all fits!
Gypsies ! Why must their travelling lifestyle lend them supernatural power over [TV show/waistline] life and death... WHYYYYYYYY ?

Having said that, a sample size of two isn't much to go on (OK, three counting Angel's curse) so the gypsy angle could just be pure coincidence and/or the product of velocity based profiling, we really need more tests to make sure. Any volunteers ?
Um, yeah... that explains a lot.
I dunno...maybe I'm easily impressed, but I have to give props for the peeps behind this strip finding a way to merge the Whedonverse and Stephen King's Thinner :D

Much as it would explain much in some ways, assigning the semi-horrible Whedon track record to supernatural interference is worth a chuckle but we all know it's things like public consciousness, lowest common denominator luring content and, for some, the way characters and storylines are handled that keep people away and making networks like Fox get twitchy. Though I could be further oversimplifying things...
Well, if yer gettin' serious... ;). I'd question whether there's a curse at all (I mean "curse" of course since obviously there isn't a curse, this is 2010 not 1410 ;). 15 (ish) seasons of TV, an "appointment internet" mushortio sensation, writing/directing what surely has to be one of 2012's biggest films (even if he has to somehow do it on a mere $160 million - oh, the humanity !), an Oscar nominated screenplay, award winning bestselling comics... I bet a lot of creators wish they were that cursed ;).

(sure he's not had everything his own way but compared to other showrunner/writer/director types I reckon he's still ahead of the curve. Hopefully Big Purp feels that way too, even though some days it must certainly seem as if the forces of darkness are aligned against him)
I think you mean Richard Bachman's Thinner. ;)

I love HE. And this totally happened. Why do you think there was all that gypsy hate in Angel after it was cancelled?
Funny, but I agree with Saje that if Joss is cursed, it's good to be cursed.
Joss should carry a supply of sage and a lighter and pre-purify any conference rooms where he is taking a meeting. And if it's a phone meeting, he should just purify his own space before starting.
sure he's not had everything his own way but compared to other showrunner/writer/director types I reckon he's still ahead of the curve.

Tim Minear :(
I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and if Joss doesn't get to do this movie, it's because there is something WAY BETTER waiting on the horizon. Joss is so creative and talented that he can do whatever he wants to in this world. He just needs to figure out what he wants. :)
Original Joss is way better than everything else anyway.

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