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November 07 2010

From Sherlock to Angel. An article from Journal of Popular Culture, October 2009 (academic/institutional membership required to view it).

Brendan Riley examines the relationship between the detective and changes in society. He thinks Angel is a good example of the detective in the 21st Century.

Cannot access without paying for the privilege.
Really? I can access it no problem.

Try the PDF :
Nope. You gotta have some kind of academic or institutional membership for this one. I'm hoping I can get access through my library though. Will let you know if it works.
That's a shame. I had no problem accessing it, apparently because I'm in university. It didn't ask me to register or anything though. Wonder if it would be okay if I posted it here in the comments?
Yes, it works through my library website's "Research" feature!!

Try going to your library's website and see if there's a "Research" heading. If so, and if it has "Academic Search Premiere" as one of its databases, you should be able to access the article through that after logging in with your library account.

Both the Cleveland Public Library and Cuyahoga County Public Library have this, so your odds should be good.
It didn't ask me to register or anything though. Wonder if it would be okay if I posted it here in the comments?

Fraid not, sorry. I'll amend your entry to indicate that people would need academic membership to access it.
I suspect not (it'd be a breach of copyright). Your university probably has an institutional membership Nocticola and either a web-proxy with cookies for accessing or possibly access is based on IP address (universities often have their own fixed range of addresses).

I'd imagine this'll go since we can't access it. Pity cos it sounds interesting.

ETA: I no longer need to suspect ;).

[ edited by Saje on 2010-11-07 23:37 ]
Great melsta! Thanks for looking for it.

I assumed so, Simon. Thanks for amending.

Probably, Saje, makes sense.

People, check your libraries like melsta did.
I work in a university as well, but a health sciences university and this is not on our subscription/institutional membership list so no access. Thanks for trying, though!

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