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November 07 2010

Felicia Day interviewed about The Guild. In this video interview, she discusses several aspects of the property, including her preparations for the Streamys and her work on the comic.

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You might want to mention that it is a video.
Okay, I made that change. Does it usually make much difference to people as to whether it's text or video?
I'm always pleased when it is a video, particularly because Felicia is so funny and charming in person. I was interested to hear about her struggles with the comic, I think it was a pitch perfect origin story, with a wonderful explanation of how one gets draw into a computer game.

Does it usually make much difference to people as to whether it's text or video?

Very much.
Not all computers have the right software or hardware to play video.
Video requires more CPU/memory, which can be a problem if you have other programs or processes working that also require a lot of memory (Everything would slow down, including the video itself).
When you're working, watching video is often not an option. Text is.
Text can be read in small pieces; with video, that's not as easy.
For deaf people, video is an exercise in lip-reading. At best.

And so on.
Nice and interesting interview. She always comes off so well in these4 things, charming, smart, fun, etc.

It is too bad about the dress situation. It seems like she must know someone, a costume designer perhaps, who could help her out. I looked at the Emmy pictures she mentioned, though, and I must admit, she could have done a lot better than she did. You don't have to go top designer to dress up a little. With her body, there should be lots of off the rack things at places like Marshals that would look great on her. Do something more polished with your hair and viola. Maybe she needs to put on her writer/producer hat and think in terms of costuming the character of herself to go to one of these events... She could write a scene in the next Guild were she needs to be dressed to the nines and keep the dress in wardrobe.

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I know she played violin, but viola? What should she do with her viola?

She always seems to be experimenting and stretching herself. It is the natural progression. ;-)

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