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November 07 2010

USA Today has the first part of Serenity: Downtime. USA Today's front web page has an article and the first five pages of the comic. Downtime is a story writen by Zack Whedon. This page will be updated tomorrow with the second half.

It's soo good to still be able to be in this 'Verse. It would be better to have it as a show, but this is better than a sharp stick in the eye.
Just to clarify, Serenity: Downtime is an 8-page story exclusively featured on the USA Today webpage, so it's not really a preview of a full comic (which I understand is what "preview" typically implies). Looks like the next four pages will go live tomorrow. Cool.
Oh yes! This is the good stuff! Kudos to Zack Whedon (the coolest of the Whedon brothers... arguably).
Yeah, I liked it. Zack has done some really good work with Serenity. Wonder how he'd do on Buffy?
So nice to hear those wonderful characters again. Thank you Zach Whedon.
Is there any way to get it to appear LARGER on screen? It's too tiny for my poor old eyeballs.
I just read it twice, for the Simon and Jayne scene. I'm in tears over here.
Thank you Zach Whedon.

Zack, too- both of 'em ;). I tease, but I always have to stop and think about that!

Is there any way to get it to appear LARGER on screen? It's too tiny for my poor old eyeballs.

You can use the zoom control in the top right and pan around.
Oh my, we finally get Jayne's pants off... (I can die happy now). This really really fun, I would adore a Serenity series and I think we've found the writer to do it!
Does this really need a spoiler tag? Can something be a spoiler for itself?
Not sure how it can translate to the online space, but it's worth noting that the entire page 4D in today's USA Today print version is dedicated to this. The top part is the preview article by John Geddes, and the rest of the page is a very large version of the comic's first page. Pretty amazing coverage!
Oh, thanks for the heads-up, Brandon. Looks like I'm buying USA Today. Today!
Nice. Cannot wait to see what our little River gets herself into. I'm also eagerly awaiting my copy of The Shepherd's Tale,
but it's not in stock yet at Amazon UK.
Zack really has it down, doesn't he? That dialog could've been written by big bro. Nice job - shiny.
That is the first time i have ever purchased that paper.

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