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November 08 2010

The superb Bleak Expectations returns for series 4 this Thursday on Radio 4. Starring Tony Head. More plaudits here.

It's as if Charles Dickens wrote The Goon Show.

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I love this so very much.
Woohoo! Brilliant news! I love the British for making this type of radio. Thanks for the heads up ZodKneelsFirst.

Everyone who loved Buffy should give Bleak Expectations a listen.
Funny, I just stumbled upon that Guardian article you just added too, ZodKneelsFirst. Thought about putting up a new post on the front page for a second (that might not have made a whole lot of sense, but I'd have argued it added a Tony picture and praise for his work) but then ofcourse I found out you already added it your post.

Anyway, looking forward to the show!

If you're interested you can listen to the life broadcast here. And if you miss it you can listen to it here afterwards for two weeks or so. And thankfully you don't have to be in England to do either (atleast it works fine in the Netherlands).

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I think you can only listen again for a week.
I can recommend this too.

Not as "undergraduate" as the usual fantasy parody.

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