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November 08 2010

Best in Show: Olivia Williams. The official blog of the Tribeca Film Festival praises our very own Miss DeWitt as one of the under-praised great actresses currently working today, in particular her performance in Roman Polanski's "The Ghost Writer" ("Dollhouse" is also mentioned in high praise).

And she was another reason to see Terriers which she guest starred in.

Of course I'm assuming that everyone on here is already watching Terriers anyway :)
The Ghost Writer was an amazing movie, hands down.
A well deserved accolade. I am sorely tempted to go "gold" for ECHO-2 now Olivia has been confirmed as one of the guests.
She was excellent in 'Terriers', lent the part a vulnerability and dignity which played really well against Hank's slightly battered, cynical worldliness. Wasn't sure about her accent though (and I mean I really wasn't sure - when I hear actors with a particularly distinctive accent doing another one I often can't tell whether it's any good or not, can't tell if i'm hearing genuine flaws or just differences that my ear highlights and makes sound like flaws. Stupid ear).

And great in 'An Education' too, small but pivotal part. Basically, i've not seen her be less than good in anything and she's often much better than that.
I don't think your ear is stupid. It does very well for being all alone :-) My two ears agree with it - her accent wavered a bit.
Her voice-acting is so good you might not notice how good her face-acting is. Or is it the other way around? Not to overlook the eloquence of her shoulders and arms.
Her legs also speak volumes.

And hooray, my ear isn't as daft as it looks ;).
I thought the name Roman Polanski's seemed familiar. Then I googled his name and my soul died a bit.

Another reason to feel creeped out while watching Dollhouse, the great acting of Williams and the other nowithstanding.

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