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November 08 2010

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Illyria: Haunted #1 Of 4. It's out this week.

Buffyfest also previews more of the Illyria miniseries.

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So excited for this story.
Is this something to be excited about? I haven't been very impressed with the way Illyria has been portrayed in other IDW comics, will this one be written by someone who watched 'Angel'? No offense or anything, I genuinely want to know.
It's definitely something to be excited about. Scott Tipton is a fantastic writer who gets the characters in a way that most other don't. Along with the two Brians, he's my favorite Buffyverse writer. And with Mariah Huehner co-writing (I did an interview with her, and the stuff she's got to say about the characters is fascinating) and Elena on art, it's going to be amazing.

If you weren't impressed with Bill Willingham's portrayal of Illyria, I wouldn't worry. This is all Tipton and Mariah.

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Thanks patxshand, with your reassurance, and the preview pages (which look good) I think I'll tell my comic book guy to pull these for me.
Looks amazing. Cannot wait!
No worries, ember. It's a shame that IDW is losing the license to Dark Horse, but what they've got in store is going to be really, really awesome.

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