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November 08 2010

Hawaii Five-Sierra. Dollicious Dichen Lachman's long-awaited guest turn on the tiki remake airing tonight.

lol, Dollicious. Nice. :P I'm gonna watch this.
Meh, they didn't use her enough.

The sky is blue!
Dichen Lachman is a great actress!

News update from moi.
The sky is blue ? When did you move away from the UK gossi ? ;)
Too little Dichen-time :(
Yeah, she wasn't in it enough. She did fine with what she was given but it was very much a standard procedural "utility role". And once again I guessed whodunnit within 5 minutes of them appearing. What happened to procedurals actually caring about the mystery ? 'Castle's the same most of the time, it's a rare episode when I don't know by about 20 minutes in but at least a) they're fun to watch figuring it out and b) they throw in the occasional feint to mix it up a bit.

(none of which is intended to blow my own trumpet BTW, the point is it's so bloody obvious that figuring it out's no achievement)
Ummm, is tonight yesterday?
The site runs on CST time zone.
CET (Central European Time). CST is a US timezone (Central Standard Time). But yep, whatever, it makes sense from this side of the pond.
I'd wondered where the site was time zone wise. Though, actually, I usually don't even notice the time difference (I'm on the US east coast) when thinking about specific episodes because so much of my tv-watching happens the next day online! Hooray for the internet, making tv addictions possible even for the busiest of times. :-)

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