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November 09 2010

The second half of Serenity: Downtime is now online. Find out what happens next in Zack Whedon and Chris Samnee's thrilling tale.

Short, but very sweet - that really felt like Firefly.
I liked it a lot. Will it ever be available in a print version, not just online?
Fun to be back in the 'Verse, even if it was short spell.
Wasn't exactly expecting the last line though - Shiny! Do tell more, please.
Nicely done. I especially liked Zoe's glare at Kaylee.
Loose Deckplate: Have you read "Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale"? It's brilliant.
The end has a nice little reference to The Shepherd's Tale.

I really hope this gets a tpb-release which collects The Othet Half (MySpace), Float Out and a complete new story. Sort of like the Dr. Horrible tpb. That would be so sweet. Come on Dark Horse!

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This one was hilarious as well. I love Simon's random, deadpan announcement at the dinner table. And I really love the loop-back to shepherd's tale, btwn River and Book in the end...
I love Simon's random, deadpan announcement at the dinner table.

I cackled out loud. And I could totally hear Sean's voice.
Argh! I'm dying to read The Shepherd's Tale, but it's out of stock at Amazon (UK) even though I pre-ordered it more than a month ago. Do other UK stores have it? I can't decide if I should cancel my pre-order and try to find it elsewhere. Most other online shops seem to have just an estimated delivery date, so I don't know what to do.

Anyway, this is a great comic - I'm really impressed by what Zach managed to fit into so few pages. It's just making want the Book book even more!
That was fun. But too short. I wanted more, more, more. And as several have said in yesterday's thread and here, one can really hear the characters--all of them. The lines are dead-on in terms of personality.
And I could totally hear Sean's voice.
Ditto! Zach did a great job with this.
Ildeth, there are some good comic book stores in London, you might call one or two and see if they a.) have it and b.) will mail it to you. Good luck! I can't believe that would disappoint you when you pre-ordered.

Oh and I meant to say how much I loved this comic. I would really love for this to be a regular series!

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Not yet! :/

Ordered from TFAW but I have not received my copy.
Though this is my fault, as I have them combine issues and ship ground by default.

TFAW still has The Shepard's Tale as Pre-Order with a Pub Date of 11/3. Guess Amazon got first crack at the inventory.

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And Ildeth hasn't got it from Amazon. Weird. My local comic book store in Glasgow had it in stock.
Yea, my Shepard's Tale is in the mail, still, as well. says it shipped but I haven't gotten it yet.

I think there was an overuse of jargon in this-- it bothered me a little. I think he should have toned it down just a tad. Otherwise it was a great little ditty.
Ha!...local merchant bests internet giants!!
Looks like a good excuse to visit Scotland.
Interesting. My comic shop in DC sold out of The Shepherd's Tale by the time I picked mine up the next day and had ordered more. I wonder if it sold better than retailers were expecting.
NotaViking, which comics shop was it? I'm in Edinburgh and the Forbidden Planet in town didn't have any copies left two days ago; they weren't sure when they'd get more in. I might have to hop a train over to Glasgow - I could get some Christmas shopping done too while I'm at it!
Latching on to what VeryVeryCrowded mentioned about an overuse of jargon, my only gripe with this was a line of Inara's: "Aw, man, I was promised steak". Can't really see/get a feel for Inara saying "aw, man". I can see her going a little bit off book in moments of hilarity like in the "I only fell, is all!" scene from "Our Mrs. Reynolds", her extreme poise & grace is just a mask and the product of years of companion training after all...but not in this case, that line rang false.

The Simon & Jayne scenes were awesome (heh, doctor/patient confidentiality would probably go out the window when you have nine people confined to the same home, plus boredom). Gross circumstances to inspire it, but that's probably the first time I've thought about Simon/Jayne in years. :D

Where would most of you place this ? Some time after "War Stories", to give a nice build-up of rising River capabilities/usefulness to the crew leading up to the movie ? Was there anything in the Simon & Jayne dialogue to imply an acknowledgement of the revelation from "Trash" (that Simon & River know about what Jayne did in "Ariel") ?

There's only so much they can squish into the relatively tiny timeframe from "Serenity" the pilot to Serenity the film, they're gonna need to start telling stories without Wash & Book (and with Zoe's baby) soon. Or retire the comics.
@Kris - regarding the Inara line, I agree, but I wonder if the word bubble was actually supposed to come from behind her? B/c it sounded like a Jayne comment more than an Inara comment and I can't see it in the panel but maybe he's behind her..
And I think this takes place post-Trash at least, since Jayne led in with the "Doc, remember you promised" line. I think the scenes in the Book comic with the crew did too, just due to some of the character interaction...
@Kris and F_TB It definitely felt like a Jayne line to me, but he was on the other side of the table, at least in the other panel. Possibly a mistake? Either way, it definitely didn't come off as an Inara line.

There was a bit higher concentration of jargon than normal, but it didn't bother me. I love getting to hear these characters again! River is a scary, scary person. (And I mean that in the best possible way!)
Yeah, I wondered if that line had been misattributed as well. It just doesn't sound like Inara.

Ildeth - It was A1 Comics. They only have stores in Glasgow. One of them is in the city centre, so that would be the best for you. Give them a call (01415526692) before you make the trip to check their stock.
@VeryVeryCrowded: The jargon did bug me a bit, but I wonder if I would've felt the same way if it'd been spoken by the actors rather than seen on the page. (Makes me wonder if the dialogue on the actual show would've seemed as natural on the page as it did on the screen.)
I thought that technically, since Dark Horse only has a Serenity license, they can't set anything during the time frame of the series. I think everything they put out has to be post-series. (Or, I guess, pre-series.)
I thought the steak line might have been meant to be Kaylee, but I agree, it definitely doesn't sound like Inara. Other than that, all the voices were spot on.
I haven't gone back to look at the panel, but when I read it, I thought the line was Kaylee's, as well. I was going through the comic fairly quickly, but the line was so un-Inara that I never questioned it as Kaylee's.
I was pretty sure that was a Jayne-line.

Anyone else feel like Inara hasn't been getting enough love of late? I'd LOVE to read an Inara comic. Not quite The Shepherd's Tale-like (The Companion's Tale?), but something Inara-centric that got into her character a bit more than we have yet.

I'm pretty sure The Shepherd's Tale did sell better than retailers were expecting. I went in on Saturday (I can never get there during the week) to find that my comic book store had forgotten to pull a copy for me and that there was only one left. (Which I bought, obviously.) The guy told me that he had expected it to do well but still hadn't bought enough.
We still have a lot of questions about Inara and the mystery surrounding her is a lot more subtle than Book. I'd love to see a oneshot resolving some of that.
We could definitely use an Inara tale telling us WHY she left the Companion Training house to travel on Serenity in the first place. Actually I would like to know something of her childhood, and what led her to become a Companion.... Of course I'd like more stories about all my BDHs.
There's more than that though... her mysterious non-suicide box in the pilot, "I don't want to die at all", the fact that she hasn't aged. Morena Baccarin said she was dying but it would be nice to have it all cleared up.
Wait? Inara hasn't aged? Whahaza?

I'd heard that there was more to the box she had in Serenity, but I didn't ever hear that she was dying. If so, that makes me sad. Enough for a sadface emoticon. :(
Alas, its so short it only makes me want to have more. And it feels very much Firefly.
It's so good to see you, Mei Mei...

You look wonderful.

And you look exactly the same as the day I left. How do you do that out here?

It's possibly just a throwaway line, but when has anything in a Joss show been throwaway?
Between this and Shepherd's Tale, I'm sold on Zack being the premier Firefly comic guy. I liked Serenity the movie as much as anyone, but if we could get an ongoing monthly comic series that just continues Firefly as originally planned by Joss and co. but written by Zack, I think it'd be amazing.

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