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November 09 2010

Jimmy Fallon debuts new vampire sketch; references Buffy & Angel. Sketch is called "Suckers," and includes amusing discussion of other vampire shows including BtVS & AtS around 5:15.

Oh. My. God.

Fun-ny! Well... the set up was a bit over long IMO, but when they burst into song, I was totally rolling! (And from then on it never stopped.) I think it kinda had that "Walk through the Fire" feel to it. *big grin*

The whole scene on the rooftop with just Bashir and Angelique talking conjured up visions of Lois's pad in "Superman" ('78) and I kept thinking that if only Superman could swoop in... and then Jimmy did! How gratifying. :D *more laughter*

And then I laughed again at the idea of trying to make a getaway by using an elevator. I kept thinking that Dr. Walsh would be admonishing Angelique with "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, USE STAIRS."

Thanks for posting this. I really needed it.
David Boreanaz would probably be bothered by them calling Bones a procedural. He really hates when people do that.
The night this was on I had just watched Sweeney Todd with Johnny D and HBC -- when the singing began I got the same vibe -- can't describe it -- ProAm kind of thing. Was rolling. Hope they can keep it up for a few episodes, but not too many. "Always leave them wanting" is tried and true.

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