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November 09 2010

Enver Gjokai out of the running for Torchwood gig says Apparently the producers deemed him not to be a good fit. Mild casting spoilers in the article.

Are they insane?
What a shame. Tahmoh can do tough as nails, but is he funny? (don't hate me never watched BSG). Would love to see a Whedon actor in there.
As I just tweeted, that's extremely disappointing.
I think the Lonestar actor is quite talented, but looks a bit too plain.
Tahmoh may well be hilarious but BSG wasn't exactly a showcase for comedy chops (and Helo was an extremely straight arrow anyway, kind of a more by the book Ballard in many ways but minus the obsessive streak).

Hard to predict these things, casting being very much an art rather than a science. Maybe he didn't have a great audition or maybe it came down to something as superficial as height (e.g. they might want someone taller than Barrowman at around 6') ? Shame because whatever the acting requirements the lad's up to it.
I reminded of when we all got excited for James Marsters and Alexis Denisof auditioning for the two lead roles in that Fox pilot. They didn't cast either.
It also reminds me of when Amber Benson wasn't even allowed to audition for the role of Katrina Finch in that Global Frequency pilot they made a few years ago, which I still think is ridiculous.
Oh, this is disappointing. Whoever they cast now, I'm always just going to see him as the guy that coulda shoulda woulda been Enver. (and now there's even less chance of getting to watch Enver and Captain Jack make out :p)
If anything I thought that Tahmoh's comedic beats in Dollhouse were fantastic. Given his body and convincing hulkiness I really dug his droll aware comments like "what did I miss" in terms of major plot points, or even as the straight man in the buddy cop antics he had with Alan Tudyk.

Granted I was a bit exasperated with Ballard as a character since I felt he was either ineffectually stalwart or somewhat effective in an ethically suspect manner. It's possible there were moments that were meant to be dramatic that I misread. It's also possible that with their set up of this Rex guy, rather than just pandering to Americans I hope, it's possible they'd play out this same sort of fall from and rise back to grace arc.

I'm curious who they finally end up casting though. I assume it can't be a completely credit-less nobody, but these superlative "blank as blank" character descriptions really are building him up to be more epic a character than even Captain Jack. In terms of other vaguely Whedon-affiliated people it seems like Chris Evans would have been pretty decent? J August Richards? Joss's Veronica Mars scene co-star, Kristen Bell? (gender aside I could have sworn there was a Veronica Mars press release with the exact same copy when they were considering that time-jump revamp season 4.)
I think what they're really looking for is Fran Kranz in Tahmoh's body. I got Tahmoh's humor in Dollhouse for sure, but the description says "funny as hell". It's really difficult for an actor to fill arbitrary criteria like that: "tough as nails ... funny as hell".
It's really difficult for an actor to fill arbitrary criteria like that: "tough as nails ... funny as hell."

And yet, Adam Baldwin kills it week after week after week on Chuck (not that many of us were late to THAT party). He could be the president or the poster-boy of plausible bad-asses with functional comedic chops.
I'm really disappointed. I can't remember ever being as impressed with an actor as I was with Enver on Dollhouse. I really hope he catches a break.
Did they not see "Dollhouse"? Seems like Enver Gjokaj can do anything. Btw, anybody see those car commercials featuring someone named George Gjokaj and his wife? Any relation?
When I saw the headline, "Enver Gjokaj out of the running..." all I could think was, huh? How is he ever out of the running? He should always be in the running for any and all open roles. That man has talent coming out of his ears and can pretty clearly do anything asked of him.

In the meantime, I can only hope someone will cast him in the lead in some series. I'm currently re-watching season 2 of Dollhouse, and I find when he's on screen, I'm captivated. Even in Stop Loss, which I like, but don't think is quite as good as the rest of season 2, he elevates every scene he's in. Quite impressive, that.
A lot has to do with chemistry with the other actors, or looks.

Said by someone who has been second choice at a lot of auditions.

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