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November 09 2010

Sesame Street inspired by Buffy musical. As shown in this mashup.

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Lmao. Gotta admit that's the first thing I thought of when I saw that sketch with my son.
That's not actually Sesame Street referencing Buffy. You know that, right?
So funny. Kudos to the person who put these together. Even the red shirts match.

And to think that the youngest kids in the Sesame Street scene weren't even born when the musical aired.
GBG: Well, it's possible it's a shout-out to OMWF, but yeah, probably not.
I don't doubt that there could be Whedon fans writing for Sesame Street. The specific choice of a mustard stain could very well suggest a reference.

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A red shirt, with a mustard stain, in a laundromat that is somewhat reminiscent of DHSB, in an episode where Elmo makes his friends sing and dance through a magic spell? I thought it was a OMWF influenced ep before I heard about the mustard stain song.
Yeah, it's really not a Sesame Street shout out at all, is it? It's a nice mash-up by someone not directly connected with the Children's Television Workshop, but the title of the posting is misleading.
I know for a fact there are Whedon fans on the staff of Sesame Street.
There are Whedon fans at McDonalds, too... doesn't make it a reference to DoubleMeat Palace though.
I was wondering what could possibly be safe to reference... this bit hadn't occurred to me.

It's awesome, though.
I've reworded the entry to avoid any future confusion.
Matt7325: You're trying to make this look a lot more of a stretch than it really is. It doesn't directly say, "Hey, Buffy, cool idea, this is our version!" But it's inspired by OMWF, for sure.
You think it's inspired by OMWF, for sure. I'm happy to eat my words but unless someone from Sesame Street openly states it's a Buffy homage, we have no way of knowing if it's a coincidence or not. The presence of Joss fans on the Sesame writing staff isn't proof of anything.
Cool as I think this is (and there's enough overlap to make it possible that the Sesame St. was a in-joke reference to OMWF), I find it disturbing that in this day and age they are still portraying laundry as woman's work. Why can't the guy do his own frickin' wash?
Leela runs the laundromat. She also does people's laundry when they leave it with her. Chris (the guy with the shirt) sells food and waits on people (including serving the food) at Hooper's store. In this bit, Chris had a particularly difficult problem with the mustard and asked if she could help. On other occasions, he serves her food at the store.
Thanks for the clarification kioria. It's been a LONG time since I watched Sesame Street. The cast was a whole lot different then. I withdraw my objection.
.....unless someone from Sesame Street openly states it's a Buffy homage,

When did this site turn into Wikepedia ?

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