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November 09 2010

(SPOILER) Buffyfest reviews Illyria #1. This and Spike #2 are both out tomorrow.

Not gonna read this so I can avoid spoilers, but all of my sources are saying that Spike #2 comes out on November 24th. Confusion?

On a more related note, this may be the first time I actually buy both covers of an issue. They both look lovely.
Angel can be good at his own journey towards self discovery but he's complete rubbish at helping anyone else.

Good thing there wasn't five years of a TV show dedicated to just that, then.
Waterkeeper: Spike #2 is definitely out today. TFAW and other sites make assumptions.

Mat7325: And the character would suddenly change... why now?
The entire series is about Angel seeking redemption by trying to help people, not through grandiose statements but through small acts of kindness - helping them to help themselves. If that's not a journey of self-discovery I don't know what is. He wasn't perfect at it but he sure did a lot of good; to say he was rubbish is a pretty gross misunderstanding of Angel's character.
The comment does seem kind of dismissive. However, I tend to see Angel's journey as mostly tragic: he loses almost everyone he tries to help, and by the end of the season 5 he's stopped trying to help the helpless and instead is focused on attacking the Senior Partners, even if he knows it won't help anyone. "Not Fade Away" is more than a little brilliant, but the way I see it Anne's the one with the mission in that episode. Angel's lost his way.

And, more on topic ... yay pretty Illyria art! If I wasn't a starving college student I'd totally buy this. As it is ... maybe the library will eventually get the TPB. Or maybe I'll eventually grow up and get a real job and be able to go out and buy all the books and comics I want without feeling anxious about my budget. That'd be nice.
The comment in the original review is not just dismissive. It sort of demonstrates complete disregard and disinterest for the entire Angel the series ( except obviously S5) by the author of the review. Which is a personal PoV, of course and a personal choice of reading these series. But , IMHO, the author should have indicated that fact in the review itself, not stated this as a generally accepted by all and well-known fact.

And more on the topic - cannot really see more than pretty art so far in the whole concept of Illyria the mini-series. Hopefully there is some interesting insight into the character itself in the actual book. But the opening itself reminded me of the Lorne's special issue by IDW - the same saving the babies scene , and is a bit banal for a plot.

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Having only read the AtF series so far, do I need any additional comic book backstory before I pick up Illyria? Last I left her, she was guarding parts of LA when they returned from hell, lol.
Fair point, dorotea. I looked at the review again, and it almost reads like the reviewer is going out of his way to denigrate the character. I do think Angel has some major issues (he'd be a pretty boring character if he didn't!) and ends his series in a pretty dark place. But suggesting that in all his 3 seasons on Buffy and 5 seasons on his own he was never "emotionally useful" is more than a little ridiculous.
Dorotea: I personally know the dude who wrote that review, and I can tell you that whatever you're reading into it is absolutely wrong. He's one of the most dedicated and intelligent fans out there. He gives more than a shit about Angel. He gives eight-twelve shits.

The saving babies scene is only a quick bit. The rest of the issue gives us more insight into Illyria's mind than we've had in... well, ever. She has a great scene with Angel and an even better scene with Spike. Those who took issue with her characterization in Willingham's arc will be overjoyed at this. It's probably the best book since "After the Fall."

Brandon- Nope, you can just right into it. You might wonder about a few characters, but there will be nothing that really jars you.

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Reviews should be able to stand on their own merits, though - they shouldn't need someone to come in and say "no no no, you're reading it all wrong". The review seems unfairly critical of Angel's character, if people are picking up on that and it's no what the reviewer was aiming for, then I'd say that's more of a misstep on their behalf than ours.

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