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November 10 2010

Real Buffy conversations overheard in a comic book shop. As portrayed in the web comic "Our Valued Customers". There's a Firefly conversation too. There's some NSFW language.

That's a great concept for a web comic. Some of them are hilarious.
Oh those are really funny! And similar to conversations I've heard at conventions (fans are weird).
Yeah, this definitely had me laughing.... a good thing to do when you are couch chained due to the flu.

Also, I've now read a lot of the other non-Buffy entries.... and this site is seriously golden!

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This site is amazing...somehow I think it will become a valuable part of my procrastination...
Now I'm scared to return to the local comic shop. Maybe next month I'll just stay in and read this site.
This is hilarious but remind me not to say anything stupid in a comic book store.
The people at my local comic book store don't seem terribly friendly. After reading these, I think I'll forgive them.

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