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November 10 2010

Sci-fi motivational posters for geeks; Whedonverse references galore. This Blastr article has 19 demotivating sci-fi motivational posters. Firefly, AtS, BtVS, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible are all featured, among others.

Some posters are funnier than others, but it's good for a laugh!

I especially like the captain Mal one :)

Although the 'Blink' one is just quoting the show, not so much a de-motivational poster.

I will be passing this link on to a friend who has a thing for these.
I can't see them beyond the first one?
Try clicking on the thumbnail above on the menu bar.

Authority really is a motivational poster of the Safety class. Friends is clever; Fired is "how true".
As per the previous thread on BTVS motivators, this is a hobby of mine. Here are a few of my creations:


Chaotic Good

Chaotic Neutral

The Signal


Your Brain

Trained Monkey

And one from the famous RPG.Net thread that someone else made:

"I'll Be In My Bunk"

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Oh, those were good :)

And of the earlier ones, the Topher one is so sad.
Smurf, ha ha haha hahahahahhhh. Love it
I was a big fan of the Existentialism and the Wedding Rings posters.
Oh I adore these, and my favorite by far is 'Making Friends' (I wonder if I could get Topher to help me with that?)!
Glad you guys enjoyed them.
This was my first post and I was really nervous for some reason ^_^

I love the Friends one with Topher and Sierra, and Fired with the storm trooper. Those are hands down my favorites.

I also love 'I'll be in my bunk' and the alignments. Thanks for those, Vague!
I also love 'I'll be in my bunk' and the alignments. Thanks for those, Vague!

I live to serve.
@ FlyInYourSoup

I think you should have credited the makers of the posters, and maybe link to the sources. It's more polite.

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