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November 10 2010

Jo Chen's cover art for 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales'. It's absolutely stunning.

Jo is a goddess. And that's no hyperbole. :)
I just used my student loan money to buy Tales of the Slayers and Tales of the Vampires like 2 months ago... and now this awesomeness??? Ahh, just in time for christmas I guess.

On another note, that cover is amazing and awesome.
That is hot in so many ways. Like, flaming skull hot.
Hehe, Kairos.

Love the cover (pretty sure I always do when it's Jo Chen), but does anyone else think that looks suspiciously like sunlight?
This compelled a thought of buying the last of the Buffy comic books!!! I miss Buffy!!! :(
Really, really nice. Buffy's eyes seem to be looking in different directions, but with such a beautiful cover, I can ignore that detail. Dig it.
What a gorgeous cover. Hope that Dark Horse releases a cover collection just for her covers when we're in the in between seasons hiatus.
Great cover, but do you notice that her outfit is the same as in issue 39? Could this be also a preview of what's to come in that issue after she's done fighting Angel/Twilight?
That is so beautiful. Jo Chen is amazing. I want to buy this just for the cover, I don't even care what is inside.
(Okay, I do, but seriously. STUNNING.)
Angel, you're not supposed to look at the camera!
I wish Dark Horse will make Jo Chen's covers available as large posters for sale. I'd buy this latest one to frame.
Commend Dark Horse for collecting some of the harder-to-find bits and especially for collecting the online-only stuff. Have a couple friends going through some of the IDW stuff at the moment and when I lend them Season 8, they'll be more likely to read the MySpace material if it's printed, rather than me writing down all the site addresses for them.

Now if Dark Horse really wants some of us more obsessive fans to geek out (plus to be kind to new viewers & readers), they'll release a "Best Reading Order" series of collections (or they could put an index at the front of this book and future Season 8 collections. Their "This story takes place during Buffy Season x" doesn't cut it, pin down a between/during-the-episodes reading order). In the Buffy Season 8 hardcovers, it'd make sense to place the Tales of the Vampires one-shot, online 2-parter, Harmony material, and vampy cat bit in the correct order (or however it was released/published when readers of the monthly experienced it) for best reading experience.
deleted due to character bashing - Simon

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Amazing artwork! Even though I think Angel looks more like Giles with Angel hair :p
I like the art, but it's not exactly a first glimpse, a slayalive member found a link to a wallpaper with it.
Why aren't Angel and Spike bursting into flames?
Maybe because they're inside. Or maybe because it's Twilight ;)
Are they BOTH Twilight??? ...that would actually be kind of cool.
I miss Jo doing Runaways covers, but any Jo is better than no Jo. Including Flo-Jo.
Spike pretty. But I'm a little confused. Are Angel and Spike in these stories other than the little bit of Always Darkest?
This is purty.

And Buffy has apparently reverted to her Season 2 physique in certain... attributes.
Posters would be nice! This Tales cover is great, but I already have most of the stories included in the collection. (But it looks like there may be some original "Season 8" stories included - interesting concept. Stories set in Season 8 but which did not appear in the 40-issue run? Would they be "canon"? The original 62-issue run of Buffy was also set during and in-between the seasons of the original show, but were not canon. I guess if Joss Executive Produces these new stories, then they're canon!)

Jo Chen sells an art book with high-quality reproductions of many of her covers at her web site; I bought a copy and it's really gorgeous. It includes samples from a variety of the titles she's done covers for, including several Buffy covers. (It's by no means a complete book of Buffy covers, which would be amazing - maybe she'll produce that someday if there's a demand for it.)

She'll also make custom, signed 8-color prints of covers for you. I had one made - I guess it's printed on a home printer and not the same calibre reproduction as her art book, but still quite nice.

FYI her web site is here and you can email her for details about custom jobs at
@Xane - in a word, yes :)
LOVE the cover.

Am I the only one who thinks she's holding Mr. Pointy backwards?
Goodness me, that cover is magnificent.

How long does it take to produce a painting like this?
Xane, "Always Darkest" isn't in this collection.
This book appears to be available for pre-order on Amazon, but it's a completely different Jo Chen cover. And I see this same alternate cover for the pre-order at TFAW , available a couple of weeks earlier than Amazon. I wonder if I'm looking at the wrong item, or if Dark Horse is planning to change the cover?
That was the cover for the Tales of the Vampires oneshot released before the "Retreat" arc; it looks like DH just did a quick mockup to display before they released the official art.
Who is the cute vampire biting Connor in that Amazon cover?
Scott Allie confirms that they had to send the solicitation out before the cover was ready. The io9 cover is definitely the right one, so you were right, Matt7325.
That looks amazing.

Dang it. Another thing I have to buy.

Damn you, Jo Chen!
so you were right, Matt7325


@Xane: That's not Connor, it's just a random guy featured in the issue.

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What can I say??? Except for...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ edited by YouDriveLikeASpaz on 2010-11-13 12:29 ]
That makes a great desktop picture on my iPad!
I see io9 hasn't published my comment about them not being the first to show the cover, lol.

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