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November 12 2010

Why do we love Nathan Fillion? A columnist does their best to find out.

That photo calls for a caption!
He is not an attractive and talented actor... he's me!
I think the better question would be "What's not to love about Nathan Fillion?" because everything about that man makes me happy. As long as he doesn't hurt puppies... Cause then I would probably have to break up with him.
If you discovered him through Dr. Horrible, someone will scoff at you for not having seen Firefly, while others will dismiss you both for having not seen his work on Buffy.

Possibly because they're the reigning monarch of Wrongitania ? I.e. he was on 'Firefly' before Buffy (in fact wasn't he mainly on Buffy because he was on 'Firefly' ?).

Not wrong on the main points though. Except where it has "everyman" i'd say he's an "everygeek". Nathan's one of us basically, he's got a foot in both worlds but he's as much a fan of Mal and Serenifly as we are (he's got a frikkin' props collection FFS ;).

And then there's the amazing acting hair.
LOVE the photo that accompanies the article! Pure Nate!
Actually the title gave me pause: I mean we love Nathan Fillion, but I don't think most of the country (much less the world) have ever heard of him. 'Castle's ratings are not an indication that everyone in the country is in love with Nathan, heaven knows 'Serenity's box office also wasn't either. I kind of think that this article is more an attempt at wish fulfillment (to convince the public that they must actually love him).

I hope it works!
Keep in mind that ratings are not indicative of such things, especially in the modern world. I have a friend who watched Castle in its current entirety over the summer via a website linking to MegaVideo files. He liked Nathan a lot (I think he recognized him as Captain Hammer), enough to now want to watch Firefly.

I realize that's not ideal, but it's just more proof that ratings are no longer an effective way of determining a show's popularity. So it may indeed be that everyone in the country loves Nathan. =)
Sorry Waterkeeper511 ... not everyone ... nothing against him and wish him the best ... just not in love. ;)
Haha, me neither, funnily enough.
He's Canadian and Canadians are awesome.
There's something about a photo of Nathan Fillion with a fish that goes really well with a title like "Why Do We Love Nathan Fillion?"
I can answer that: He's hot. Next question.
Cuz he's smart and funny. (First answer that popped into my head when I saw the headline.) Also, he's genuinely "nice." That's always scores really big on my list. Unless of course he's faking it... *attempts to imagine* ...Nope. Not possible. Fake is undefined in the person of Nathan Fillion.
Well, since we're all coming up with reasons, I think Nathan emanates a certain sense of honesty and openness that, coupled with a self-assuredness and undeniable charisma, is particularly appealing.
Charisma. Ability. Looks.
All around awesomeness?
Because he's our Captain?
Because he's a man's man who will take a hit for his craft...over and over and over again?

Because he really is ruggedly handsome.

As far as the picture, though, I bet he's holding that fish just for the halibut.
Siglavy, funneee. Thanks! Oh yes, and I love Mr F just because he is. And the photo he signed for me says "Stay Shiny".
The thing I love most about him is he seems to carry this abundant joy inside. He's just such a happy fella!

Oh, and Mal. shhyeah.
According to the article, I am one of the 'winners', since I've appreciated and followed him since his OLTL Joey Buchanan days! :D (I know I'm not the only one on this board.)

From there I followed his career to Saving Private Ryan, mostly skipped Two Guys, A Girl..., but started watching Firefly when it aired because of him - and Jewel Staite - and have seen most of what he's done since: Joss's shows, of course, as well as his episodes of Lost and Desperate Housewives, then Slither, Drive, Waitress and now Castle.

I also have White Noise 2 although I haven't watched it. On the other hand, a group of us did watch him and Katee Sackhoff shoot one of their scenes for that movie.

He is ruggedly handsome, funny, approachable, appreciative of his fans, seems to love Mal almost as much as we do, and he's proud to be a Canadian. What more could you ask? ;)
And the photo he signed for me says "Stay Shiny".

My autograph says, "You are dirty."

And that's why I love him. :)
I don't love him. His portrayal of Caleb was really believeable. I watched season 7 when I was really young, about 7. Him poking Xanders eye out and killing my favourite potentials has made me eternally hate him.
Just as with church and state you gotta separate the actor from the role. Or the director/writer from the death toll. :)
Or have parents that don't allow you to watch stuff not intended for children....

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