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November 13 2010

Trailer for L.A. Noire featuring Keith Szarabajka. He provides narration for the new game from the creators of Grand Theft Auto, Bully and Red Dead Redemption.

Hells yes. I've been waiting on this game forever.

Check out this link if you're interested:

Really goes into what makes the game pretty unique and different.
I'm looking forward to this as well, Buffy was a very underrated game.
Different studio for this, but Red Dead Redemption is, in my opinion, the greatest video game ever made. It is amazing.
Wow, gossi. That's a pretty big statement. I love the game too, but greatest ever made?
Andy Umberger is in this as well. You can see him for a short second in the trailer.
pat32082, yep. Best I've played.
Ah damn it. Looks as if this is going to follow the same path as Red Dead Redemption and not come to PC. Can't really blame them, after the mess they made of the GTA4 port though.

Does look good.

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