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November 13 2010

Can't Stop The Serenity charity screenings raise over a half a million dollars in 5 years for charity. I can't think of anything else even close to that raised by fans of a TV show. An amazing accomplishment by all involved.

I'm sure the link will get changed around when it appears elsewhere on t'interweb somewhere.

That's what the false b!Xes said.
we are big damn fans
That's pretty freakin' amazing! And to think it all started with a little idea. Just goes to show what fans can do when they put their hearts and minds to a goal, eh?
The Alliance may have been the winning side, but the Browncoats rule.
The announcement has been made on the CSTS site:

In addition to the over $500,000 raised for Equality Now, CSTS events have also donated over $31,000 (plus food & clothes) to other charities including Kids Need to Read, The Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center, The BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre Foundation, The House of the Good Shepherd, The Greater Boston Food Bank, Nashville Cares and many more.
Thanks, I changed the link out. Congrats to everyone involved, that's really impressive.

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