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December 16 2003

Tales of the Vampires #1 out now. Featuring two great Joss Whedon stories and a fantastic Spike and Dru adventure set in Prague penned none other by Drew Goddard. Glowing review at Cinescape.

Even if you're not into comic books, I'd recommend getting this one for your Buffy fix.

eh i thought it was alright. dru and spike's chemistry was greatly portrayed. but my fave was that last one, the story was simply so dark and enchanting.
(This story is a dupe from about a week ago.)

Tales of the Slayers was a much better read for me than this (and included writing by Amber Benson :-)

This is a mini-series of 5 and you can see the first 4 covers here
#2 jan-14-2004
#3 feb-11-2004
#4 march-10-2004

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Truth to tell I thought it was pretty good, and it makes me curious about Fray. Seems Joss as an old comic lover has a knack for this. These were two nice little vignettes.

First Buffy comic I can stomach actually. I think most of them are atrocious in both art and writing. Or at least verrry mediocre and off-character.

But then I've read a couple of Buffy novels as well, and......*shiver*. I've come across better fan fic than that.
Ed you ought to check out the past 5 comics in the buffy series i believe #59-63.
i've never read any buffy comics till then, but honestly i was amazed at the depth that specific arc developed.

Fray is interesting in the fact that it holds potential. joss said he'll be penning a few more issues.
also fray's personality juxtaposes nicely with faith's and buffy's.

i wouldn't know about the novels. i was sorta keeping them till after the finale...sthg to do i guess to fill the void. which were the ones you've found dissappointing?
Well first off about the comics, I really don't care for Cliff Richard's pencils which matters a lot. He can't do a dynamic shot if it kills him and everyone looks like they're made of silly putty. And even though there's an odd shot here and there that actually resembles someone, I've yet to see him do a Giles that even comes within lightyear-range of Tony's face.

The ones I did read were also just a tad off-character and often didn't seem to know what to do with themselves. The covers were the best. And I'm a Spike fan and boy does he ever get the shaft in those pages. Got tired of it. I'll have a look at the ones you mention but I'm a teensy bit skeptic by now.

As for the novels, I read Pretty Maids All in a Row, (About Spike & Dru furing WWII and the Slayer and Watchers of that time. Funnily enough it has Spike and Dru traveling around to kill all potential Slayers!) which was arguably the best one I read as writing goes, but it diverted from canon (which, while not shattering is a little annoying) and near the end some plot elements seemed a little off. But overall not bad. I wish Chris Golden had a better handle on the sensual power of Spike and Dru as a couple though.

Then there was the Spike-Willow book 'These our Actors' which was set around S5 I think. Nice premise, and a strong first half that also takes us back to when William had just been turned.
However the second half deteriorated fast and the climax and ending are rather pointless and non-sensical especially concerning what people are doing and what their motivations are. Big let down.

Then there was the novelization of S7. (Big book) I hoped to get a more in-depth look at what was going in in character's minds. You know the stuff you can't see on TV. But instead, this is way more superficial. Many scenes that we did see are glossed over in a couple of lines. ('...and then this and that happened. The next day....') I haven't even been able to finish it. Also a lot of spelling and grammar errors. Not good.

Then there was one my wife read, 'Blood and Fog' set in S6 with Spike and Buffy and Jack the Ripper. She said it wasn't awful, merely lukewarm, but that even more than mine, it was RIDDLED with spelling errors. So much it really detracted from the reading. And not just a vowel missing here and there, no, they refer to what must be 'the Master' as 'the Mooter'. Huh?

Does anyone actually EDIT these things??

Oh and we searched at our local borders for a while for any Buffy novels. Plenty books about the show and such, but novels? Not under SF, Fantasy, fiction or near the Star Trek/Star Wars/X-Files novels. All of which would have been fine. No they were in the 'youth' section.


Well hope this helps a bit. But then, tastes differ so who knows, you might enjoy them more. And there are plenty more out there I haven't read, so...
lol i know what you mean. novels are ALWAYS in the youth section, it drives me crazy. it feels like putting sandman comics along with disney ones, well maybe not to THAT extreme...but still!

thanks for the recs

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