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"Oh my god. You teach ethics?"
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November 13 2010

Nicholas Brendon does the Snoopy Dance. A highlight of today's Austin Comic-Con panel.

I was there, and I actually have footage of it too. :)
He was the best thing about that panel, which for the most part was lacking in the fun dept.
He posted on Twitter a short time ago it was day 3. Here's the pic:

NicholasBrendon Nicholas Brendon
It's day 3 at Austin Comic Con, with Nicholas Brendon and @clareberry! Xander & Glory - together again
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I wrote back and said he should'a brought a book!
I HAD TO ASK HIM! I knew all us Buffers would love it, and I knew he'd do it! I fell in love that day! Suchhhh and sweetie!

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