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November 14 2010

Jed Whedon covers Modest Mouse's 'Gravity Rides Everything'. Perfect listening material for a Sunday morning.

Damn! It's Sunday evening here.
Serves you right for having summer temperatures while we freeze (upside though, you're closer to next Friday evening. Half full see ? ;).

Not heard the original to compare but there's nowt wrong with Jed's cover. Is that Maurissa on vocals too ?

As an aside BTW, I was watching an indie sci-fi film the other day called 'Suspension' - not bad, some good ideas and well enough made - and whose name should come up as 'Music by' credit but Mr Jed Whedon esq. Totally unexpected surprise. He made a decent enough fist of it too (Maurissa did some background voice work too so maybe the film's creators are friends of theirs ?).
I spy two new genres: Bo Diddley Minimalism and Robo-Scat. (Can't tell if that's Robo-Mo, tho, no.) Downloaded and thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.
In fact, perfect listening for a rainy Sunday morning.Nice to get the bonus of some songs from his album as well.
Good stuff. I definitely prefer Isaac Brock and co.'s version but this is very good stuff, and, as Lioness said, nice to get some of his other songs as weel.
You can (legally) listen to all Jed's new songs here.
That was really good.

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