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November 15 2010

Buffy fan collection on display at English museum. You can view the memorabilia at the North Somerset Museum in Weston until December 11th.

That's so cool. Too bad the two pics are so small. And that the article says that it ran for 6 years.

I've always wanted to open up a Buffy/Angel museum. If I ever get rich I'd want to buy lots of props and collectibles and show people on recreated sets from the show. Would be cool too buy the school too. Oh, daydreams...
And that the article says that it ran for 6 years.

It did, 1997-2003.
Oh. I didn't think about season 1 not being a full season. Although I assume that still wouldn't have been 7 full years, with 20-ish eps in the first season.
It did, 1997-2003.

Yup, IMDb says that the first episode aired March 10, 1997, and the last aired May 20, 2003. Unless I'm doing my math wrong, that's just over six years and two months. They really squeezed in that first season!
Yeah, I forget that myself. Season one aired from March '97 and then season two started in September of the same year. Kind of like 'Dollhouse' in that respect - two seasons but only 1 year.

(I have an excuse though in that it didn't air that way in the UK - IIRC it didn't start here until December '98)

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