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November 15 2010

Spot the difference, Buffy Season 8! Can you spot all 15 differences? And get this, one of The Puzzle Hub's Mutant Enemy crosswords will be appearing in the finale issue of Season 8.

Nice. I got 8 without trying too hard. I'll have to print it off to find all of them, I think.
I could only find 8 as well.
OK, I got 9 of them, so I'm still missing 6. Let's see: What else is there?
took me 5 minutes but I got all 15.
ones your missing:

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You also missed Xander's finger

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I could find ten... will definitely have to print it out to try again later. And good on them!
Here's what I got:

I think that's all of them.
It took me about 10 minutes, but I found all 15!!! YEY! I've always had sooo much fun with Puzzle Hub's Mutant Enemy Crosswords. So cool they get a crossword put in Buffy #40. Thanks for posting this!

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