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November 15 2010

(SPOILER) Amy Acker guest stars on "No Ordinary Family" tonight. About 20 seconds into the "Jim's Powers Exposed?" preview clip, you'll see a glimpse of Amy.

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Woh, is that really her?! It looks like Amy, but... Idk. She looks different in a way.
I'm guessing from the way the ep played out, she will be back for more?
Seemed like she could be. Not a huge amount to get her teeth into but it's just good to see Amy onscreen.

Eps 2-5 dragged a bit for me and I was set to give up on 'No Ordinary Family' but the last couple have been better, still not brilliant but the plot's moving on a bit and Julie's character has loosened up somewhat, feels closer to the show we saw in the pilot.
I'm continually on and off about the show but it was really good to see Amy and I hope she is back for more.

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