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November 16 2010

Watch the Summer Glau episode of 'Chuck'. It aired last night on NBC.

loved the shout-out to Firefly when Casey goes "I don't know what *crew* you were with before but.." . Anyway, Chuck just has the best guest stars ever, especially from a scifi geek point of view.

speaking of shout-outs to Firefly, there was another one in Castle: he speaks Chinese and then explains to Beckett he picked it up from a tv show. Of course. Ha!
Yeah, the "crew" line on Chuck made me laugh rather loudly and clap my hands in appreciation. Later, I thought maybe it wasn't intentional, but with that group of writers? It had to be.
Is that all there is? I thought she was under utilized, and then pimped out to do their on air commercial for Subway (I HATE that they keep doing that! It goes way beyond product placement). I'm seriously losing my love for Chuck.
The entire point of that product placement is that it's so incredibly over-the-top it's almost satirical. If your going to do it, you might as well go all out and make it a joke - this isn't The Sopranos.

I loved Summer in it, as well. She's been the best Greta thus far, really entertaining stuff. She was likely filming The Cape at the same time-ish so there's only so much of a role she could have had. Kinda. Probably. Not. Her being a Greta gave me expectations, anyway. :p

The crew line, of course, was sublime.
I found io9's takeaway headline on the whole business quite amusing. And I second the love for smart, irony-based advertising (frankly I wish there was more of it around.)
I take the Subway placement in the same way I take the way Yvonne Strahovski wears crazily high heels on most missions and often ends up in her skivvies/trying on bikinis - it's so blatant and open that it's endearing. Also, without the Subway pimping we'd have no 'Chuck' whatsoever, that's the deal (and it beats the hell out of the way it's done on some other shows, where a character'll get in their car at the start of a chase and explain to their passenger just how great the satnav is or something similarly insulting to the viewer).

I thought Summer was great, the best Greta so far (probably partly because she had a lot more to do than the previous incarnations, an actual part rather than a cameo). Liked the 'Firefly' nod too (they've had other dialogue based nods so i've no trouble believing that was one). Rob Riggle was also pretty funny.
I personally didn't clue into Casey's line about not knowing what crew "Greta" was with prior to being sent to the Burbank BuyMore until it was pointed out here...was waiting for something a shade more face-slappingly obvious, it appears ;D

Still..was beaming for hours afterward after seeing Summer and Adam playing off one another again, especially during the scene where Casey tells her off about thinking Team Bartowski "soft."
I thought Greta cutting off Jeff's tie might be a reference to River cutting Jayne... but I don't know.
Probably, yeah. Or if not that then a reference to that time when the crew cut their food up while eating dinner.
I'm agreed about advertising on the show. I take it the same way I take the blatant advertising on The Colbert Report - it's a way of both achieving product placement and satirizing the use of product placement.

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