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November 16 2010

Subtle Firefly reference in last night's Castle. It's near the end of the episode, about 38 minutes in.

They're talking to Chinese workers who can't understand English. Castle says, "My partner is crazy and may start firing at any momen" in Chinese.

Beckett asks, "Semester abroad?"

Castle: "No, a TV show I used to love."

Beckett: "Nice job."

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I laughed out loud (woke the dogs!) and clapped in joy... Nathan works in little gifts for us so often. I did sit around trying to imagine a more grammatically correct way to say it though... sounds like he doesn't love it any more and I'm sure that isn't what he meant.

Anyone know, does he get to do any of the writing or does he just ad lib goodies for us?
I caught that and was surprised. In an episode all about outer space, I was wondering if he was gonna throw in a Firefly reference. Did not expect it to be about speaking Chinese.
ebepp99, I think written it could be read that way, but the way he said it was like a person who caught the series on TV, loved it, and then it was cancelled. The emphasis was on TV show not used, which would have been the only way I woulda had your problem.
Funny. I saw this the other day but didn't think it warranted it's own post, I think it is appropriate here though: From Buddy TV
People on the west coast of the US have the fun of getting Nathan's messages on Twitter when the show airs there. I'm on the east coast, but gotten the message on my phone around the moment that scene would have played on the west coast. His post (amid about 12 others) at that moment was "Firefly."

He may not write the show, but the writers of the show know whom they are writing for, and how many "Firefly" fans watch the show.
Ahh! Thanks, Nebula, that explains why "Firefly" was trending on Twitter yesterday.
Alas, according to the website, I appear to be in an area outside of the US. Dur... Gosh, but I miss Firefly.

I did enjoy Jelly's link though. (Thanks!) The last one there about the cards and "raging paranoia" made me guffaw something fierce.
There was also the blue gloves he was wearing at the beginning of the episode. He's done it before and I know it's not necessarily a reference to two-by-two, hands-of-blue, but considering he was the only one in the blue gloves and how little the police wear gloves when they're on scene, I thought it was a nice reference. And then of course I exploded when he spoke Mandarin, and even more when he gave his reason for it. Really, really great man.
Doesn't everyone wear blue gloves on this show now? I thought its just become a common thing. I'm only on S2 though.

BTW, the reference in question is on YouTube. I've watched it a few times now - bloody brilliant.
Also assuming the grunting scene on last nights "Chuck" between Summer and Adam was a Firefly reference to?
I'm loving this!
Thanks for sharing.
But I think she is saying "semester" insteadof "summer".
Thanks for the link, Jaymii! Made my day.
I thought the episode was full of Firefly stuff even before they got to the Mandarin Chinese moment. For instance, the mysterious object in space turned out to be a "space ship" that had a distinctly firefly look about it, didn't it?

Then there was Castle's threat of letting his" half a million followers on Twitter" know, which worked simultaneously as a reference to Castle's fan base and to Nathan Fillion's huge base of Browncoat fans, didn"t it?

There was something else too, earlier on, that was very Firefly, but I can't remember what it was. Does anyone else remember it? I'll have to watch the episode again.
That was a nice surprise, for sure! I had been watching the episode with adequate interest and engagement, but when I heard him speak Chinese I immediately sat up straighter. Then when Castle said it was from a TV show he used to love (I liked your interpretation of his wording and inflection, rocknjosie), I yelled, "Haha, YESSS!!" laughed, pointed, and smacked my knee a few times, causing my family to jump, stare at me, and try to figure out what in the heck I was so excited about.

They got it, it just took them a little longer. :) I was despairing of seeing Firefly references on Castle anymore with Jose Molina gone this season, but I see there are still influential fans among them. *cough* ...Nathan... *cough*

Now I've gotta catch a rerun of Chuck, since I missed Summer's ep...! This has been a good week for Browncoats, all-in-all. Good month, with The Shepherd's Tale too!
I laughed out loud and shouted "YES! LOVE you Nathan! That's my Captain!" Good thing I live alone....

I think the line might've sounded better if it had been "TV show I love that was canceled" so it doesn't sound so past-tense for the love. Which we know will never be past for Nathan.

A friend of mine thought the UFO/spy satellite looked like Serenity. I didn't quite see that, myself. However, I thought the video they were watching looked like something from a bridge monitor. Like maybe when Wash was looking for a planet to land on?

I also thought the Twitter reference was more about Nathan's Browncoat followers than Castle's fans. But it could be a mix. And a website I checked last night said his answers to the interrogation were like Mal's answers to the Alliance when he & the crew were being questioned in..."Bushwhacked."
That chinese sentense can come in handy in a lot of different situations. It also reminded me of the lovely little "how to speak Chinese" segment the Signal podcast had some years ago. Hilarious.
I also was waiting for the spacecraft to show up looking more like Serenity but did hoot at the TV show comment. Had my parrot laughing with me.
For the blue gloves, season 1 of Angel had the cops using blue latex gloves, so the Firefly reference was probably coincidental.

Considering how much trouble the Firefly actor's had pronouncing Chinese, can anyone comment on how well he did for that line?

Probably my favorite part was Fillion's double take when Beckett's character says "why don't we just stick it in and get it over with?" (You can tell that Castle was holding in "that's what she said".)

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I also wondered if Castle's first theory about the death was a Firefly reference, "The story that makes more sense is alien abduction goes wrong, one that ends with Marie being accidentally blasted out of the airlock of the alien spaceship."
Also, during the scene with the mysterious firefly-looking object in space, Nathan was wearing a maroon shirt and brown suede coat.

All in all, it was an episode full of Firefly shout-out goodness.
The Chinese bit for sure (and it was great, slightly unfortunate - though no doubt unintentional - wording aside), to me the others people mention are pretty reachy though. Several characters wear blue gloves in the episode (at least Beckett, Esposito and Laney at the crime scene - though later, in her lab she's wearing a very fetching pink pair ;) and in general they're really common, watch many procedurals and they crop up a fair bit. Serenifly didn't have aliens and I don't remember anyone being blasted out of an airlock (though Jayne came close - am I just forgetting another one ?). The UFO didn't look much like Serenity to me either (didn't look much like a satellite either for that matter).

Also, the NYPD need to disable autorun on their PCs, big security risk ;).

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