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November 16 2010

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel #39. This is the first part of the final Angel story at IDW and it's out tomorrow.

Courtesy of Buffyfest.

So far so good. :)

I actually like this idea now. A new base of operations. Could be interesting.
I feel bad for Mariah & David, having to find a way to move past Willingham's horrible Connor vs. Gunn thing. In a year of terrible writing that was amongst the worst. I don't envy them the job of trying to find a realistic way to smooth that over.
After Mariah and David's wonderful scene between Connor and Angel in #38, I find myself really looking forward to #39. Their characterization has been pretty much spot on since they took over, so I would imagine they'll find an emotionally real way to deal with the Connor/Gunn relationship.
Did Angel go digging in Gunn's closet before he left?
He's worn hoodies before, in seasons 4 and 5
This issue wasnt bad. It feels more like the show but there still feels like there is a giant elephant in the room that no one is addressing. Which is Willingham's arc and it's lingering waking up from a bad dream feel. Honestly, I wish Willingham had given Angel his full attention because he had some good ideas. I kind of wanted to see them through. It should be interesting to see how they smooth out the transition of the story arcs.

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