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November 17 2010

Whedonverse stars nominated for Spike TV's Video Game Awards 2010. Nathan Fillion (Halo: Reach) and Neil Patrick Harris (Amazing Spider-Man) are among the nominations for "Best Performance by a Human Male" and Felicia Day (Fallout: New Vegas) got nominated for "Best Performance by a Human Female".

So will they also be giving out awards to non-humans, then? Or are those categories just redundant?
Pass but Martin Sheen and Rob Wiethoff did fantastic voiceovers for their respective games.
Cool, I didn't know Neil had continued to voice Peter Parker beyond his work on the short-lived MTV cel-shaded Spider-Man TV series.

The 3D font in some of their headlines is hard to look at. Am I supposed to be wearing 3D glasses while browsing that site ?

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