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November 17 2010

(SPOILER) Tim Minear wrote tonight's episode of Terriers. If you love "Out of Gas," "Omega," "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been," and too many other Firefly, Dollhouse and Angel episodes to list, treat yourself to the latest written by the man. (Spoiler tag solely because the article mentions the structure of tonight's episode. It gives away none of the story.)

He wrote on his Facebook page when he posted this article: "I love Maureen Ryan. Also, apparently I worked on Buffy."

He did! He worked on the crossover episode. Just, not the writing thing. ;)
Here's the teaser for tonight's episode, that I posted too early here last week.
Also, the episode is crazy good. As are the next two.
Terriers really is a great show; I'm reminded of Rockford Files, Veronica Mars, and Shannon's Deal (a great series John Sayles produced in the early '90s that nobody saw but me), but it's really its own show. Mo Ryan's comments are dead-on.
By the way, the Alan Sepinwall piece on Terriers is also well worth reading.
I've been watching Terriers out of loyalty to Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan, but so far I've mostly found it to be a disappointment. Hopefully the last three episodes will be better.
I am amazed at the way this show gets better with each week--and it started out strong. I'm glad Mo Ryan says people who've never seen it can jump right in with tonight's episode.
Please let this show get renewed. It is way to good.
What a wonderful ep. The flashbacks were seamless, and it reminded me not just a little of Out Of Gas. Now, Out Of Gas is in a league of its own, but this one was really really good.
Ratings: TERRIERS up to 725,000 viewers (from 539,000 last week), 0.4 w/ adults 18-49 (up from 0.2).
" and it reminded me not just a little of Out Of Gas. "

Very much so!
I'm a sucker for flashback episodes, and I rate this one up with the best flashbacks of Firefly/Buffy/Angel (well, okay, not quite Fool for Love great) or those of The West Wing.

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