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November 17 2010

Joss Whedon - "For me, Wonder Woman was basically Angelina Jolie". What could have been?

Hurrah for Angelina Jolie props! I wish they mentioned his assessment of her acting talent. I think she's exceptionally good, and doesn't get enough credit, because she's exceptionally good-looking.
I don't know. Her Oscar probably takes the sting off.
Hrm, I interpreted that to mean he modeled the character on her, not necessarily that he was writing with her in mind to play the role. I seem to remember an even older report that he sort of saw Cobie Smulders playing the part?

That said, it does still work pretty well either way.
IIRC he was writing an origin story, with a young Wonder Woman who had just left her mythical island for the first time, and felt out of place in the human world. I got the impression the character would have been late teens/early 20s. So I'd guess he's talking more about character similarities (like orangewaxlion said), rather than saying she would have been his choice for the role.
Don't care for Angelina Jolie. Now, Morena Baccarin...
Augh. The internet is cruel, it keeps making this dead project just a little bit more awesome. There aren't enough videos of kittens riding Roombas to compensate.
But sometimes they fall off in a cute way though ! Hi-larious !

Hrm, I interpreted that to mean he modeled the character on her, not necessarily that he was writing with her in mind to play the role.

Yep, me too. The keyword is "basically". Seems fairly clear to me he's drawing similarities between their qualities, not saying "I always pictured Angelina Jolie playing her" but instead saying "I always saw her as kind of like Angelina Jolie in that... She spends a lot of time flying around. She works in a lot of different countries. She’s very global. And she’s appalled by the way people treat each other.”.

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It doesn't really matter now, does it? After all, his film, like so many other potential productions, was killed by short-sighted nitwits.
Nebula1400, namecalling is uncalled for.
I think if they were going for an older WW, Jolie would have been perfect! Everyone mentions CC and Eliza Dushku, but they don't have that Amazon kinda look or the physical attributes(well maybe CC, but she doesn't quite look Amazonian). But yes, 5 years ago Jolie would have been the one for WW, not in you know anyother way...*hides girl crush*
Morena B would be the closest whedonverse actress for the role. Her part in Serenity was amazing, warrior and companion, especially with the archery.
Wow, I am glad that Angelina Jolie as Wonder Woman didn't happen. I really can't stand her because every performance she gives feels shallow. And I'm a guy! This does not detract from me wanting DC to let Joss do a WW comic though.
Any chance this was Joss joshing?
Angelina speaking Joss' dialogue would be music to my earholes. She is a goddess, and we should all worship her.
Miracle Laurie for Wonder Woman.

I love Jolie too, even though I can't quite see her as WW. I think she's one of the few old-school movie stars we have left, a great personality actor and a great face (great faces, especially in actresses, are one of the many pleasures of classic Hollywood movies), but there's a darkness to her that I can't quite see fitting WW.

However, Jolie in real life = WW, I can see that.
I agree that this is a comparison between characteristics rather than a confession of secret casting plans.

Cobie Smulders would've been awesome.
I think Megan Fox would be a great Wonder Woman, especially based on looks.
Maybe so, Winchester...but the good Ms. Fox has pissed all over the basic character of Wonder Woman enough that I can't imagine Joss, if ever given back the WW film project, would want to go anywhere near her. But hey, just my opinion ;D
I just watched Changeling last week and Jolie's performance was anything but shallow (and man am I curious to see what other films J. Michael Straczynski has up his sleeves after that. I think Ron Howard or Clint Eastwood optioned a bunch of his scripts in addition to Changeling ?). Enjoyed her a lot in Salt (already almost forgot about it until I checked the IMDB), Beyond Borders, Gia, and Girl, Interrupted. Beowulf too, heh. Can't remember if I liked her in Alexander, just remember her being a decent nutbar with a possibly iffy accent and having awkward mother/son scenes with Colin Farrell. Still haven't seen A Mighty Heart and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Yes, she's been in some duds, but I've never felt like she was dragging down any of the stuff she's appeared in.

She can act, she looks like she has some Greek lineage as an unnecessary bonus (wouldn't be surprised to find out she does), and she's hot. Could've made a fantastic Wonder Woman (and if Joss or any other writer had decided to not do a youthful origin story, would've been okay with that--seen it enough in Justice League and in the Keri Russel-voiced film).

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@Kris - apparently JMS just revised the Underworld 4 script. Gets me excited...
I love how so many people are ignoring what Joss actually said.
I'd bet on around 6 billion people. That's 'many' in anyone's book.
Not sure it's simple ignorance, electricspacegirl, but more seeing only the surface appearance.

We presume that Joss was conveying he had written Wonder Woman in a way that compares to how Angelina Jolie acts in her private life as of the last few years (dunno if he would have used the comparison if referring to her earlier days of wearing Billy Bob Thornton's blood in a vial or smooching her brother), rather than saying he wanted her to be Diana Prince. The majority of people could be right for all we know...
These conversations do often drift into a fantasy casting session no matter what was said in the linked article. Personally I like the idea of the character influenced by some of Angelina Jolie's own traits, although I'd hoped at the time Morena Baccarin might get to play her. And I still like that idea.
Although she's no Morgan Freeman.

Funnily enough, I think most people in this thread accept that he was talking about characteristics and are neither ignorant nor seeing only surface appearance. But there're only so many times you can say "Yeah, I agree" before we all contemplate using the Wonder lariat for self-destructive ends which is why people started to talk casting. As Sunfire says, pretty much every thread that even mentions Wonder Woman ends up with people suggesting who they'd like to play her, even now, years after Joss' involvement and with the film stalled in development hell.

(flip side, I really don't think there's much "presume" in it personally - the article says "he modeled [sic] the character..." and Joss lists characteristics in common rather than physical similarities. It's pretty clear what he meant IMO. Mileage varies though)
Yeah, I read the linked article and folks' posts here before commenting myself. Acknowledged. Then went on a tangent about Jolie that also enabled me to throw JMS some more props.

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