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November 17 2010

(SPOILER) Buffyverse Comic Reviews interviews Mariah Huehner about today's Angel #39. Plus a review of the issue. This is the start of the final arc of Angel at IDW.

There is also an interview with Bill Williams about the conclusion of the Eddie Hope co-feature in today's issue.

Thanks for posting the interviews. They were a blast to do! Mariah gives more insight into the characters and the process than just about anyone. Awesome lady.
No problem,they're great interviews.Today's issue was great as well.

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Thanks! I'll admit, my favorite part has nothing to do with the comics. There's a bit in the second video where my girlfriend and Mariah discuss why squids and octopi are awesome haha. It's lovely.

The whole thing was just really nice and super casual. Mariah is great. There's an actual video interview with David Tischman coming out next week. He's equally fantastic. Just really good folks.
I'm glad Eddie got closure, but it's a shame that all of his potential got canned. I mean, I thought he was super interesting and cool. He would have eventually been on board Team Angel!? I woulda been glad. Meh. I hope the Dark Horse move is worth this. xD

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