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November 17 2010

Ma Cobb's been busy: a fan's take on Jayne's shiny hat. Blastr's Image of the Day shows off just how dedicated we Browncoats can be when it comes to con cosplay!

According to the comments, the Browncoat in question wore her Giant Jayne Hat costume to DragonCon and it felt like wearing a heavy blanket. I'm personally astounded more about the sheer amount of time it would have taken to make the thing than the fan's cojones for wearing it ;D

This is quite an old thing, I think. I remember this lady way back. She won a few awards for the costume, though.
I've seen her at two Dragon Cons. That's the ultimate Jayne hat {ggg}. I hope Adam and Shawna see this!
How cute is that?!? Great job. I was hoping she made it out of something that would not be too hot, but I guess not...
That was totally unexpected. Very nice.
She's cute as a button.

I thought that it might've behooved Blastr to get her name on their post, but then I tried to track it down - figuring she deserves a little name recognition, after a few years of seeing her in this clever costume here and there - and all I could find out was that she was a Charlotte, North Carolina Browncoat.

Browncoats must salute you, Madame X or Jane Doe Browncoat, both for your originality and your stamina.

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