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November 18 2010

The Joss Whedon Sex Change Art Challenge. Are you of an artistic nature? Then SFX would like you to create artwork where you "recast Joss' TV series and movies, but using actors from other Whedon productions, whilst - and here's the important bit - using male actors instead of female ones, and vice versa." Better get drawing then.

Oh this sounds like a hoot. *revs up Photoshop and starts crowbarng Spike and Angel into dresses* *g*
I REALLY want to see these results!!! I hope I remember to check it in 3 weeks!
Really tempted to give this a go, I've never tried drawing the actors' faces though, that could go wrong.
I don't have time for this, but I'm still doing it! :)
So are the characters supposed to chage sex or just the actors? Cuz a female Spike would be...well, Sunday.
I think if you look hard enough in fandom archive (particularly LJ) - you will find some of them already done.

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