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November 18 2010

Watch last night's season premiere of Human Target. Tahmoh Penikett guest stars.

Worth watching?
I think that the first season - admittedly from what I caught of it due to work - was a highly enjoyable piece of television, with a good mix of action and Mark Valley's "Christopher Chance" doing his charismatic rogue thing. Need to see the second to judge if they've thrown the baby out with the bathwater...
Season 2 so far is an improvement over season 1. This show desperately needed an influx of estrogen.
My husband and I both compared it to Leverage at the same. Now we have the chick with the English accent and the younger girl that's a thief.

That being said, I like both shows equally.
I just stopped in the second episode of 1st season.
To me, it was like 24 with less brain cells.
It is definitely light actiony fare and if you aren't into that sort of thing then it isn't for you. It's based on a comic book. A little Leverage (capers and explosions), a little Angel (atonement and redemption) and a little Bourne. Good stuff if you don't need all your TV to be DEEP with MEANING. :)
I really enjoyed the premiere. Still one of the best looking shows on TV, along with some of the best action I've ever seen on the small screen.
I really enjoy the show. It reminds me of when I was a kid watching Macguyver and Knight Rider with it's tone, but with a James Bond premise and Angel's atonement as a driving force.
Sean Maher guested in Season 1. I watched that ep, thought it was decent, and have caught a few others randomly. I don't go out of my way to watch it but I don't complain when its on.
Amy Acker also guested on season 1.

'Human Target' is a well-oiled action-adventure machine. Great fun and excellent at what it does (and i'm with Wyndam_ - they had some action sequences last season that, given the tone, are about the best i've seen on a TV show with an inventive and nigh perfectly choreographed fistfight in a speeding car one of the stand-outs for me - it was like early Jackie Chan crossed with Bourne).

That said, I don't like the new theme (though I also didn't like the old one), I vastly preferred the old office set (the new one's like some soulless spa franchise) and as a general rule of thumb, sparky youth sidekicks are among my top danger signs for "Show is now pandering and will therefore lose whatever made it interesting in the first place" so i'm not exactly unperturbed from what i've seen of this season so far (way too early to judge of course).

That said, i'll watch Indira Varma in more or less anything (even if the character feels slightly shoe-horned in).

(and Tahmoh was fine for as much as he was in it, that's the sort of character he can play in his sleep)
I've been meaning to watch this for a long time. Mark Valley is, as far as I'm concerned, a sign of quality TV to come.
I've been kind of curious about whether I'd like this series.

I loved Chi McBride's comedic work on Pushing Daisies but can't really tell anything about his character here, I liked the comic revamp's premise which seems to have been dropped (it had Dollhouse like identity themes where the one lead guy basically erases himself to become the titular human targets--so basically it would be an anthology show with no lead since the character would look like each episode's target of the week I imagine?), and I liked that one English woman who in Rome/was a Torchwood member.
Gotta love Tahmoh! It's just too bad that Bear McCreary isn't scoring the show anymore... :(
I enjoyed this episode as much as any episode from season 1 except for the music. The music in Season 1 was really special in that the score for each episode was played by a full orchestra, which is extremely rare for TV shows these days. The composer was Bear McCreary, of Battlestar Galactica and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fame, among many other shows (and who happens to be my favorite composer). However, the show came under different creator control this season, with a new show runner, and Bear was asked not to return (he's now scoring The Walking Dead on AMC). I assume the cutback in the music was partially a financial decision, as recording with a full orchestra is probably very expensive.

As for the show itself, as others have stated, it's just a fun show. I think it's one of the best choreographed and slickest action shows out there, and it has some great humor in it (especially from Jackie Earl Haley). I'm also glad that they added some female characters this season. While I loved the cast already, I think the added characters will make for some good foils to the lead cast.

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The show has a pretty good sense of humor and even though it is tongue in cheek at times, it is more believable than a couple of other network efforts.

My only problem is trying to pass off Vancouver as San Francisco. Not filming in SF could save $$, but you lose out on some of the best location shooting in North America.
Saje's reation is spot-on.

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